Thursday, August 9

Eli {6 months}

Eli, baby, you are half way to a year old!!

I'm how old, mama?!

You are 6 months old, Eli!!

Right now you are....

  • still nursing exclusively and won't have a thing to do with a bottle or pacifier. You must be determined to be different from your brother and sister any way you can. I gave you your first try of food {peas and bananas with avocado} and you didn't mind it. You spit most of it out but you would lung at the spoon when I put it in front of your mouth. After about 7 'bites' though you just wanted to play with the bowl.
  • still sleeping in our room but now you are sleeping in a rocker beside our bed, 90% of the time. And at nap time. I'm nervous about making the switch to your shared room with Caleb. And I'll admit, it's a little too much closure since you are our last baby! You can stay in our room a little bit longer. ; )
  • rolling all over the place. If I lay you on the floor you will be all over the room in about 5 seconds. You are not a fan of staying still. At all. 
  • pushing your self up on your knees for about 2 seconds. And you make sounds of determination when you are pushing up. And just last night you got up on your hands and feet, like you were doing a push up!! You held yourself up for about 5 seconds. Daddy and I just looked at you in shock!
  • sitting on your own for only a few seconds before you fall over. It seems to be longer each time we try. My goal is to get you sitting up on your own before we have family pictures taken in September. I'm not worried. :)
  • smiling all the time, still. Everyone you meet comments on how smiley you are! You just love people and anyone who will pay attention to you.
  • loving your exceriser. It's one that has a seat that spins around the outside of the activity table and you are already walking yourself around the whole thing. Don't let those rollie pollie legs fool anyone, you have some strong gams!!
  • done with the swing. You don't want anything to do with laying down while you are awake, unless you can roll. You are almost done with the bumbo too! You are pretty close to getting yourself out of it. You love sitting in the high chair with us at meal time.
  • loving bath time and you can't wait to be able to join sissy and bubba in the tub to play! At bath time you just laugh and get so excited watching them play. When I dip you in the tub for a quick scrub down, it's difficult to wash you because you are so focused and determined to grab at the toys in the water. I'm excited to have 3 little fish in the tub!
  • a determined little one. When you see something you want, you are focused and try to reach for it or grab it and get frustrated after trying and trying. 
  • wearing a size 4 diaper and are out growing the 6-12 month size clothes you have. Good thing your brother hand-me-downs are right in line for the seasons! You will be in 12 month size before the seasons change. :)

Love you so much, little Eli! Happy 6 months!!

Thursday, August 2

First haircut.

Caleb got his first haircut this week!

It was long over due, but I was having a hard time letting go of his sweet little curls. 
The good news is that even after his hair cut, he seems to have a pretty good wave and... his hair seems to be thicker, too! We were hoping at least one of the kids would get my thicker, curlier hair. :)



He looks like such a big boy now! 


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