Thursday, December 30

Sharks and snow.

Christmas day has come and gone, but not without a visit from the stomach flu bug. Little Lady got it first the day before Christmas eve and then it hit me on Christmas day night. It was a real bummer as it kept me home with the kids on two occasions and I had to miss out on Christmas eve service and seeing my husband swim with sharks!

I was very disappointed on both occasions and trust that God knew ahead of time and had our best in mind. Sometimes we just have to stop or slowdown and when we refuse to do it on our own sickness is quick to strike. As much as I hate being sick and having sick kids I know it's impossible to avoid given this fallen world of sin and sickness we live in.

I'm happy to report we are all feeling much better now! Hope our house guests or my hubby and Little Dude don't catch it.

I wanted to share some pictures from our day up in the mountains. We wanted to see snow while my dad was here so we drove up to have lunch first and then on to see snow!

Little mountain town we at lunch at, Idaho Springs. We ate at local favorite place, Beaux Jo's Pizza. People who live in the city make the drive up here just to taste these delicious 'Mountain Pies.' And they didn't disappoint!

We saw the snow and could hardly stand to get our hands on it! And what a treat to have it actually snow-ING too!

First we had to go through the Eisenhower tunnel...

And bundle up...

It was a gorgeous & enjoyable snow trip!

And the snow flakes were pretty amazing themselves!

It was a good day. :)

Sunday, December 26

Christmas Day

This year my dad and step-mom and two younger brothers joined us from California. Hubby's mom, aunt and grandpa also came over! We had a full house but it was so much fun.

We started the morning with Uncle Goggle, my brother, making us breakfast. These were sooo yummy!

Little Lady found and played with her new kitchen!

All the union-jackers! We found matching pairs when we wet up to the mountains one day.

After Little Lady took a nap and the rest of everyone arrived we starting opening gifts!

Then we feasted! Everything was delicious!!

Then it was time to play!

While Little Lady played and Little Dude napped, the adults all played a game called Apples to Apples.
It was a lot of fun and good for a laugh, as usual!

And then it was time for coffee and dessert...

...and more playing...

...and just relaxing and hanging out.

We even got to meet Uncle Goggle's girlfriend who is also visiting family in the area.

It was a good day.
I hope that you all had a great day celebrating our Savior's birth!

The sweetest sound.

* Our children are always properly in a car seat when we drive any where.We were parked and waiting for Little Lady to wake up from her nap before we went in to the mall.

Friday, December 24

Merry Christmas!

From our family to yours. 

For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. 
Isaiah 9:6

God bless you!

Thursday, December 23

Zoo Lights!

Tuesday night we went to see the Zoo Lights. We had a blast!

And we got to try our new double stroller that Opa & Oma got for our growing family!
It's a Baby Trend Sit n Stand and I LOVE it! Eventually, when Little Lady is a little bit older the back seat comes off and has a little bench that she can easily got off and on by herself and even stand if she'd rather. So we'll be able to use this when she's old enough to walk more but she can sit {or stand} and ride if she wants to!

It was a little chilly! Just 37 degrees. Nothing a little hot chocolate couldn't fix! Free refills too!!

They had colorful lights all over the place! It was beautiful and Little Lady loved pointing and giving her best surprised face at all the decorations. She was so cute!

There were rope lighted animals everywhere and a lot of them were even animated and would move or do different things! It must have taken a lot of work and it looked really nice!

The zebra lights were ones that would move. There heads would go down and the little one kicked it's legs back.

And here the fish were jumping out of a "moving" stream and into the bears mouth! So creative!

I just love our zoo. Little Lady and I spent many days there this last summer and I'm so excited to go this next summer with Little Dude too!

And we are really enjoying all these fun activities with Opa & Oma! :)
Hope you all are enjoying this Christmastime as well.

Monday, December 20

Little Lady {17 months}

This post is a couple days late. Why?

Because... We have been busy with Opa & Oma visiting! They are here for Christmas. We've been filling our time with lots of fun stuff!

Like eating all the candy off of building a gingerbread house...

And staying up late, baking and eating cookie's, shopping, and going to see Christmas lights, to name a few!

Besides all that, you have become more independent in the last month, being able to do more things by yourself. You climb up on everything you can and you are getting braver at coming down by yourself to. You always amaze me with what you are able to do!

Words are coming easier to you and communication is improving everyday. Along with that comes those dreaded tantrums though. And you are definitely testing the limits we have set for you. I've decided that it's ok for you to test them, how else will you know where the line is drawn? In all reality it seems that the real challenge is in daddy and I being consistent in enforcing the rules we have set so you can grow in discipline and obedience.

The thing is, God is teaching me the same as I go along. How well do I obey and take the discipline He puts before me? It's challenging. But it's good and I am grateful to keep growing in the things that are pleasing to God. That way I can better teach my children because I have experienced them first hand.

I'm so excited for your 18 month appointment next month to see the physical growth you've had! In the mean time daddy and I continue to pray for your spiritual growth and take each day one at a time.

We love you sweet and precious daughter. Happy 17 months!


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