Wednesday, May 30

Overwhelming Impossibility

"I will bring the blind by a way they did not know; I will lead them in paths they have not known. I will make darkness light before them, and crooked places straight. These things I will do for them, and not forsake them." Isaiah 42:16

This past Sunday, God gave me this verse. And since then I've pressed in, and asked begged Him to lead me.

I know I'm blind and I'm lost and bound to mess up if I'm not being lead by only One who knows. The sovereign One, who is working all things for good. {Romans 8:28}

As opportunities have recently presented themselves for my business and for our family, I can't help but yield to my God and ask that He lead us and show us the way. What might seem good and right to me, could be completely wrong. But what may seem overwhelming and impossible might be the very way He wants to show Himself to us.

I know that I know that God has put adoption into my heart. I weep at the very thought of it every time. That I could be the receiver of grace and then pour that grace on to others, it's humbling and nearly shatters my heart with the joy of it all. 

And now, He leads us. With the eyes given to me by birth, I can only see the here and the now. The overwhelming impossibilities that are present before us. But God has made a way for my heart to glimpse the good He is working all things together for, and my heart leaps inside of me.

Is this real? Am I understanding this correctly, God? How can I be worthy of your favor? What good have I done that You would want to use me and let me be a part of this work that You, only You could turn to good? I want to believe. I want to trust You. That you are good, and that Your love is great. Even when it comes to me and the purpose for my life.

Monday, May 28

Life in the fast lane


I'm not even sure where to start.

I'm feeling like life is in the fast lane right now and it's so much out of my comfort zone that I'm not sure if I want complain or just hold on tight and take the ride.

Besides the obvious reasons (times 3, under 3) that life is going by so quickly, hubby and I recently decided we want to change specific things about our lifestyle to start living healthier and taking better care of our selves. We are looking into new ways to eat better and better quality and we support each other in keeping up with regular exercising. We are planning to run our first 5k together at the end of the summer!!

We invested in a health supplement program and have seen our energy levels increase and our over all health has improved in just a month. For the first time in my life I've been willing to be disciplined and deny my body the unhealthy cravings and now I'm in control. I'm not saving I've arrived but practice makes perfect and so far I have seen a huge increase in energy that helps me be able to keep up with my precious littles who are growing up so fast!

Today is a perfect example in that I didn't sleep well (several times waking with two of the littles) and our morning routine was thrown off a little bit so I felt frazzled and frustrated. Not to mention the house and the way it seems to be in a constant state of choas. I was able to round the littles up and convince them to help me 'clean' while I got the wood floors swept and mopped, the rugs vacuumed and even pulled the couch from the wall to clean underneath it (which hasn't been done in a looong time), cleaned the glass end table tops and several other small tasks.

Normally, that would be enough to have me crashing on the couch and say, 'I've done enough for today  the week.' But after lunch and the littles' nap time, we went out front and set up the water table and sprinkler. After just sitting and hanging out with the littles I got inspired to pull some weeds - turned to digging out a small tree we have been meaning to dig out, rake the dead brush from the flower beds, cut back dead branches on a bush and several trees. And the kicker is I still felt like I had energy to spare!

I am loving the potential of being an active part of my littles' lives and know I'm making healthier choices for my family!!

Wednesday, May 16

Water Table

We decided it was warm enough for the water table yesterday. The kids had a blast playing and splashing in the hot afternoon after their naps. It was a blast so I think we will be having many more afternoons like this.

Itty Bitty joined us after he woke up. He is so cute I could eat him up! He is sitting in his bumbo seat for short periods of time. He is loving being up and watching his siblings.

Loving my view. Couldn't imagine being more blessed as a mommy.

Tuesday, May 15

Tea party

It was...

...a real "Tea" party...

...having Nana visit.


Sunday, May 13

The reason

These three...

are the reason...

I am celebrating today.

Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas!!

Saturday, May 5

My sewing "studio"

OK.... So maybe it's not as exciting as a studio space would be. But it's what I have and it's where the magic of abundant Sonshine happens! 

I even tidied  it up... just for you! 
{Gasp, you mean you don't keep it clean all the time?! Creativity is rarely tidy people ; )}

But I wanted to invite you over to see where I get to do my fun-free-time-stuff!!

I found the cute little jars with my labels in them at Goodwill! 

Why so many scissors? You may be wondering.... no? Well I'll tell you any way ; )
*1 pair are pinking shears {keeps fabric from unraveling and work great for a quick finishing}
* 1 pair are fabric ONLY cutting scissors {a must for being able to cut fabric well}
* 1 rotary cutter {my best friend for cutting straight lines in fabric}
* 1 everything-else pair of scissors {I use them to cut out patterns, strings, etc}

This wreath just makes my space happy and adds a touch of color!
{You can get a hit to make your own here!}

A little basket that is home to all my cards and a few patterns.

And... probably my absolute favorite part of the business...


I love fabric. 
I love picking it out. 
I love trying to figure out the perfect project for that fabric.
I love the colors!
I love the patterns.

And I was so excited to learn a great way to keep my fabric organized and easily accessible! I stumbled upon THIS on Pinterest!

It has made a huge difference as now I can see exactly what I have on hand and even quickly take pictures of fabric prints for inquiring customers! : )

And there you have it, my sewing studio and possibly one of my favorite places in the house!

Friday, May 4

Let's go fly a kite!!

This afternoon had a few kinks that led to an unexpected and wonderful kite flying lesson.

 First kite flying lesson!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 3

Out takes

Alternately titled "Real life"

Yes [Little Dude], that is his ear. Don't put your finger in it...

Yep, sissy sees his ear too... Ah, too be the 3rd child...

Little Lady's idea, "Everyone lays on a blanket and mommy takes pictures of us!"

"Take my picture mama! Laying on this blanket!"

My littles. :)

Wednesday, May 2

Itty Bitty {3 Months}

3 months has gone by since I held you in my arms for the first time.
Sweet baby boy, the time is going by so quickly!

One thing I've noticed about the third baby is that I am so much more relaxed with you than with the first two. I'm also more confident as your momma too. I know the things I like to savor with you, the little things I miss with your brother and sister most. I know what things to let go and not worry so much about because they just won't matter when you aren't a baby any more.

I'm really loving and enjoying your baby rolls! You are so cuddly right now with your pudgy body and soft skin. I love kissing on your sweet cheeks and neck. I love snuggling with you at bed time and first thing in the morning. You seem to enjoy it too as you sleep so good! Most nights you are sleeping 6-8 hour stretch, waking only to eat and then back out again. You usually sleep until 8:30 or 9 am!!

You found your hands. You are studying them or chewing on them a lot these days! You rock tummy time like it's no big deal. I think I could just leave you there all day and you would just sleep and wake up, going right back to watching your big bro and sissy play! They provide much entertainment, for you and me both!

You are still hanging out in size 2 diapers and size 3 month clothes. But you are quickly pushing out of both of those! You must know you have some catching up to do to keep up with the big littles! Still nursing and still throughly enjoying it. You can take a bottle now, but you prefer to nurse. 

You have a brother and sister that adore you and can't wait for you to join the ranks in running around and playing all day! Can't beating having two best friends before you can even sit up on your own!

And then there is that tongue. You are such a sweetheart!
We love you more than you know!!

Happy 3 months sweet boy. :)


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