Thursday, March 21

God's Word is a Treasure: Day 4

We ended up having a sort if snow day to round out our first week of school. We still did a few of the activities but we enjoyed the beautiful snow fall too.

First Evie cut out 5 'gold coins' that said 'God's Word is a Treasure', one word one arch coin. Then I hid them around the tv room while Nana sang our week's songs. After music Evie went on a treasure hunt and found the coins. She would have a 'treasure hunt' every day if she could. Loves it!

Next she glued the coins in order on a brown piece of paper we decorated to look like a treasure box.

Then I set up a bean sensory tub with jewels and x's made from two Popsicle sticks glued together. The kids played in there while I made play dough. After making up two batches the kids used the play dough tool kit they got for Christmas and played their hearts out with play dough!!

And that was our first week of school!!

Sunday, March 10

God's Word is a Treasure: Day 2 & 3


We started our day making a treasure map from a paper sack that we will use to display our themes through out the year on. We added a bible for our first week, God's Word is a Treasure. And we sang our song for the week with Nana, our music teacher!

I had a wooden treasure box I got at Joann's awhile ago and we decorated it with markers and gluing jewels to the outside of it. We will keep all our school supplies for the year in the treasure box!

We had a snack of cheese {cut in thin slices} and crackers and made 'x's out of the cheese on the crackers. While we ate we talked about the sound that the letter 'x' makes.

After snack we went on adventure in search of rectangles, the shape of the week, all throughout the house! The kids used their binoculars they made, their flashlights and their magnifying glasses {I found those in the dollar bins at Target!}.

One thing I love about this program is that she includes practical and life skills to learn. So we headed to Evie's room and practiced making her bed. She just has a blanket right now but it's a good habit to get started on early!

We finished off the day reading Blueberries for Sal and then went outside to fill up our own pails! We didn't find any blueberries but there were rocks, sticks and sand to be played with! The weather was gorgeous.

Only two days in and I've already seen the fruits of this program. When we were outside Evie pointed out on her own that the design on the garage door was made up of rectangles. And while we were driving Evie saw two jet streams crossing paths on the sky that looked like an 'X'!


Today we started off with reviewing what we learned so far this week. We had music time with Nana.

After music we watched the first part of 'What's in the Bible?' DVD. I love these DVDs because I actually learn so much!

Next we played 'X' freeze with our music, dancing to the music and then when I stopped it the kids had to freeze making an 'X' with their bodies.

After our dance party the kids did a worksheet of writing x's inside a bigger x and then Evie cut out her x and glued it to a piece of construction paper. She'll do this for every letter.

Lastly, to finish off our third day, we read two books on sharing: 'Rainbow Fish' and 'Sharing Words.' We role played how to share and what to do if someone won't share.

Saturday, March 9

God's Word is a Treasure

Week 1 "God's Word is a Treasure"
Day 1

We started our first day of school by going on a treasure hunt. Evie hunted throughout the house for the first 'X' {this is the letter of the week} and found her first and most important treasure, her Jesus Storybook Bible!

Next she went searching for several more treasures consisting of school supplies, magnifying glass, and flashlight. We made a pair of binoculars from a paper towel roll, tape, and a string.

We also had music time where we sang song about our theme. One song is a hyme: Wonderful Words of Life, a Seeds Family Worship song: Word of the Lord, and a Sunday school song: the B-I-B-L-E and we will sing those all week.

Evie also decorated the front of what will be her alphabet book throughout the year. She colored and glued letters to the cover.

And lastly, we read Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? {checked out from the library!} and after reading we talked about what clothing we wear for different weather.

And I threw in my own activity of using cooked spaghetti noodles to make the letter 'X' and rectangles. Of course they made a yummy snack too!

It was a fun first day and not nearly as stressful or chaotic as I thought it might be. Evie was really excited to tell daddy all about what she learned and did.

Caleb was doing his own kind of school with Brandon called Potty Training! Fun stuff...

Thursday, March 7

God's Little Explorers

We started preschool this week! I know it's not in line with any traditional school year, but I guess that's one great thing about doing homeschool. We can start/stop/take breaks when we want to!!

I came across this mom-made, FREE preschool curriculum through Pinterest called God's Little Explorers and just reading through the lessons I love it!! {Can't even beat how perfect the name is for our blog.} It's all learning through doing and I think that's perfect for this age group.

We spend 45 min to an hour a day, 4-5 days a week and that's it! Unless we want to do more then we can, she gives suggestions for further studying.

My plan is to chronicle our 'year' of school, mostly for fun but also to see how we grow and change in the homeschooling area.

Let the learning fun begin....


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