Thursday, March 7

God's Little Explorers

We started preschool this week! I know it's not in line with any traditional school year, but I guess that's one great thing about doing homeschool. We can start/stop/take breaks when we want to!!

I came across this mom-made, FREE preschool curriculum through Pinterest called God's Little Explorers and just reading through the lessons I love it!! {Can't even beat how perfect the name is for our blog.} It's all learning through doing and I think that's perfect for this age group.

We spend 45 min to an hour a day, 4-5 days a week and that's it! Unless we want to do more then we can, she gives suggestions for further studying.

My plan is to chronicle our 'year' of school, mostly for fun but also to see how we grow and change in the homeschooling area.

Let the learning fun begin....

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