Saturday, August 20

Funny Little Lady.

I did a post a while back about some of the cute and funny things that Little lady was saying at the time and I've been meaning to do it again. Especially because the list of things she says is growing all the time and I'm afraid I will forget them all. :(  I really wish I could record her saying them all so I can remember her at this age forever, she is such a sweetheart and she is such a hoot! Plus everything little kids say is so much cuter in their little kid voice!

Me: Ouch! {Whenever I hurt myself or little dude bites me...}
Little Lady: You get a ouchie, mama?
Me: Yeah, mommy has an ouchie.
Little Lady: Aw, Po fing.

Me: LL, would you like to go play at the park?
LL: Yeah, I sink so.

LL: How you doing, mommy?
Me: I'm doing good, baby, how are you doing?
LL: I'm doing great!

"How 'bout dat?"

"Mommy, hold you." {When she wants me to pick her up}

LL: Oh, tank you, mommy!! {just out of the blue.}
Me: What are you thanking me for?
LL: New ca! {New car, she thanks me for it at least 5 times a day! I love her thankful heart :) }

Any time she hears me calling hubby "Honey" she will start calling him "Honey"! It's so adorable. :)

She loves to sing and will usually start singing her own songs every time we are in the car, even if I have the radio on. She loves singing "Jesus Loves Me" and a song my mom started singing to her and now she loves it. I don't know what it's called, we call it Goggle's song {Goggle is what we call my brother} because it was his favorite when he was little. It's just the scripture Isaiah 40:31 put to a song! It's soooo sweet to hear her sing it. I know it's sweet, pure music to the ears of our Savior!

And I have a little video of Little Lady singing Jesus Loves Me this morning!

Little Lady sings Jesus Loves Me from Katie B on Vimeo.

Monday, August 15

To teach and train my children

I've been think a lot about my role as a mom and wife and God is just teaching me so much! I want to soak up everything He's showing me in His word and then confirming through His Spirit. I hope that I will continue to seek Him and desire His will over my own will when it comes to my family and responsibility as a homemaker.

This morning, in my quiet time with Him and as I got ready for the day, the Lord spoke to me specifically about who He wants my children to be as they grow and mature into adults. There are so many ways, perspectives and opinions on how to raise, discipline and guide our children in the world today. And there are two main influences as well: there's the worlds view, that is society and a secular view point, and then there is God's view point, based on the truth given in His Word, the Bible. This morning God gave me three specific points as a guide for how to raise my kids and one day be used by Him.

I want to share and record them as a reminder to me of the vision God spoke to me.

They are as follows:

To teach and train my children

1. To obey and trust God with their lives and their future.

Those who know Your name will put their trust in You; For You, LORD, have not forsaken those who seek You." Psalm 9:10

Jesus answered and said to him, "If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home with him." John 14:23

2. To serve those around them the way that Jesus would.

This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. John 15:12

3. To make wise decisions that bring glory and honor to God.

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will reap everlasting life. Galatians 6: 7-8

Instead you ought to say, "If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that." James 4:15

And then for the really challenging part.

I heard the Lord speak to my heart,

And how, my daughter, will you teach them? Will you tell them or will you show them?

Tuesday, August 9

ChooChoo and Giraffes

We originally planned to take the kids to a park sorta close by that has a $1-to-ride train through the park and a $1 petting zoo yesterday! But when I looked up how to get there I saw that they are closed on Mondays. Bummer!

So plan B, the Zoo!

Getting an annual pass was a good choice for us as we've paid it off at least 3 times over and we have only had it since March. I really like our zoo and will probably love it even more once the new addition they are building is built! They'll be getting a couple new species of animals.

We had already told Little Lady about the choo choo before we learned that the park was closed, but great news is the zoo has a train for the kids too! And with our membership it was the same cost as the other train. Once I told her we were going to the zoo to ride the train she said, "Choo choo AND giraffes!!" I really love that kid. I wish I could bottle up her enthusiasm and drink it for breakfast every morning!

It was a hot day! But one of the things I love about a pass is that we can stay as long or as short as we want and don't have to worry about getting our money's worth.

This little girl loves Choo Choo's right now! She was one happy little lady.

And despite the some what troubled look on Little dude's face, he didn't mind the ride either. Not sure he really cared one way or another! He just wants to 'stand' all.the.time. Forget crawling...

And as if the Choo choo wasn't enough, this little girl got to go on her very first carousel ride! She LOVED it! She even rode on her own animal with out daddy standing next to her.

These littles are growing up so fast, right before our eyes! But don't think we aren't enjoying every almost every minute of it!

Tuesday, August 2

12 Weeks {Itty Bitty}

I am 12 weeks along in my 3rd pregnancy as of yesterday. My OB appointment was actually last week. So here is the update!

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 12 Weeks

Size of baby:  Itty Bitty is about the size of a plum!

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Lost 4 oz since 8 weeks

Maternity Clothes: I mostly wear dresses and cotton shorts and tank tops. It's just too hot so I dress to stay as cool as possible.

Gender: 7 weeks until we {hopefully} find out!

Movement: Not sure but there have been times when I thought I felt something. It's still pretty early so it might not be.

Sleep: I'm already having crazy dreams most nights. I try to sleep on my stomach as much as I can because I know those days are coming to an end!

Symptoms: Going pee all the time. The mornings I wake up and throw up right away are growing fewer between. I am hoping that is a sign for the sick and icky feeling leaving! I have heartburn at night but only when I eat certain things.

What I miss: Energy! Not always feeling like I could lay down and take a nap pretty much any time of the day.

Cravings: Most of the time I lack an appetite. I'm still really hungry but not too much sounds good to eat. I've craved pickles a couple times. I was really craving salad yesterday. And a couple weeks ago I really wanted an apple pie!

Best Moment this week: Hearing the baby's heartbeat at my appointment. {170 bpm}

What I am looking forward to: Getting to the 2nd trimester and hopefully feeling a lot better!


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