Friday, October 28

First Snow

We had our first snow this past week and it was so surreal to me. It was gorgeous fall weather on the days leading up to the snow. I'm still trying to figure out where the month of October went! So I took my little snow bunnies to the store to get the proper snow gear in the proper sizes. And we came home and played.

This is the only picture I got of Little dude as I was 
trying to keep him out of the mud most of the time.

First snow day of the season: 10.27.2011

Tuesday, October 25

24 weeks {Itty Bitty}

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 24 Weeks

Size of baby:  Itty Bitty is about the size of an eggplant!

Total Weight Gain/Loss:  Gained 9 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Yes, but I'm much more comfortable in comfy or pj pants and t-shirts.

Gender: We are having a boy! We announced it here, in case you missed it.

Movement: Yes, The kicks are getting much stronger and even wake me up sometimes! I usually get some kick back when one of the littles is on my lap. Siblings already :)

Sleep: It's difficult to get to sleep between the heartburn and Itty bitty's exercise hour. :)

Symptoms: Heartburn is getting stronger every day. Feeling short of breath after any activity. 

What I miss: Sleeping on my tummy and not needing a body pillow in bed. 

Cravings: Apples and carmel dip! Just in time for fall :)

Best Moment this week: Getting to go on a long afternoon date with my hubby. He's my best friend.

What I am looking forward to: Honestly, not being pregnant. I can't wait to hold this baby boy in my arms. :)


So this whole Pinterest thing, I'll admit I was a sceptic at first and avoided it for several months after learning what exactly it even was. I saw the potential 'time-sucking' factor and quite frankly I don't need another one of those.

It wasn't until I wanted to start planning a birthday party for our Little dude that I decided I'd sign up and only use it for that purpose.

It started out that way... but I actually saw the value in getting ideas for organization and making things in the name of saving money. I gave my self one rule and so far I've done pretty good with it. That is to only 'pin' something if I plan to use it, and I mean really intend on using it not just dreaming, and if I really like it, and I mean really really won't-be-able-to-forget-it-but-won't-remember-where-I-saw-it kind of like it.

So far I have used it to make Little lady a couple of cute things! And today I got hubby to help me hang some of the other ideas:

 Little lady's reading corner.
I got the idea to use Ikea spice racks {$4} for book casing from Pinterest! I love it because it's a simple {and cheap} way to organize and it helps me to keep her book collection down and from getting out of control. Win-win!

The other idea:

Bath towel hooks for each Little. Little Lady's is the flower, of course, and Little Dude and Itty Bitty's hooks both have their first initial on them. Hubby and I found these fun hooks at Anthropology yesterday when we had some time to ourselves! We enjoyed each others company and looked through all of their eclectic style house wares. I could easily decorate our house with their goods!

Monday, October 24

Our Life with the Littles.

"Yes, this is our third."

"Yeah, we'll have 3 under three in February."

"Yes, we know how this happens..."

"No, not a single one of them is an accident according to God's plan."

"No we aren't crazy, although we feel like it most days."

These are things I find myself saying aloud, both to people we know or complete strangers. I also often find myself thinking things like, This isn't a muffin top, there is a bun in the oven, as I struggle with being the biggest weight I have ever been in my life.

Hubby and I spend a lot of time feeling like zombies and counting down the hours to bed time as we get through each day with a goal of surviving. Of course that's an exaggeration but you get the point. With two littles who are boycotting nap time and believe the latest trend to be waking up for the day at 4:30 AM and being a melt down mess by 8:30 AM, on top of that exhausting mess of a schedule I'm rounding the corner to the 3rd trimester and feel worn out and winded after sitting up in bed first thing in the morning.

I'm not complaining, who am I kidding, I'm definitely complaining!

As difficult as life with a 2 year old and 12 month old and one in utero is {can I just add that in the last 27 months only 13 months have I not been pregnant, and that's split into a 6 month and a 7 month period}, we do realize this is a season and it won't last or be at this pace forever. And not only that but this, all of this, it's God's best for us!!

He knew it would happen. He knew we couldn't handle it, not with out Him. That's His plan all along and this is the life He has given us. So we might complain and make sarcastic comments about the most difficult things we face right now. We probably will find ourselves day dreaming of a different season, past or future, but when we remember why we are here and Who led us to this place and we remember this is the life He chose for us there is no way we can't be glad in our hearts and praise Him for all of this.

This life He has given us. Our Life with the Littles.

Sunday, October 23

Pumpkin Patch 2011 {Cottonwood Farm & Mays Farm}

Yesterday was our second trip to a pumpkin patch this month! The first one was a couple weeks ago when we went with our moms group at our church. Hubby wasn't able to go that time so he was excited to go with us yesterday, mostly because he knew there would be a lot of great photo ops of the kiddos!

The first pumpkin patch was at Cottonwood Farms and I took pictures with my point-and-shoot:

Hubby's pictures turned out much better, but he had me for extra hands! I love the shots he got:

And since it's so fun to compare: 

October 2010                                          October 2011

Tuesday, October 18


I found some fabric that I had to use to make Little Lady some dresses! I was so excited to get 3 of them made this weekend! I had a great idea to share them actually on the little lady they were made for, but a photo shoot with a 2 year old is probably the most ridiculous idea any one could ever have....

Things started out well.

{This one started out as a dress but I didn't really care for it so I cut it shorter to be a cute top instead!}

And my little model was still on board for the next one, but she didn't want to stand still for very long.

{This one is my number one favorite of the 3! Love those buttons :D}

By the third outfit change we were just racing the clock.

{It's a little blurry which makes you feel a little dizzy with this fabric.}

And it just wouldn't be a photo shoot with out sharing the out takes.



All the rest were blurry. So there you have it! My favorite past time right now is making sweet dresses for my sweet little lady!

*Here are the tutorials I used for 2 of them. The other was from a pattern book I have.
Junebug Dress
Ruffle Peasant Top

Friday, October 14

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, sweet baby boy!

You are a year old today and I can't really believe it!
I was too tired to notice at the time fortunate enough to be up with you this morning at the exact time you were born on this day exactly one year ago. 3:51 AM

I couldn't help but think back to that morning when my suspicions were proved right, when the doctor told us, 'It's a boy!'
And boy are you! 
Having a sister to compare you to, I see how much of a boy you are. 
You are so playful and love to climb on any everything!
You love to study and see how things work, taking them apart and trying to put it back together.
Your favorite thing to do is wrestle with daddy. 
And pretty sure it's a favorite thing of his too.

You have stopped bitting, for the most part anyway. 
The only time I still get teeth in the flesh is when you are hungry and I've let too much time pass before feeding you.
Speaking of teeth, you've had 5, yes 5, teeth come in all at once! 
You have four on top and three on the bottom.
We didn't notice them until they broke through the gums.
And then it made sense why you weren't sleeping so well night after night.
In the words of your big sister 'Ah, poor fing!'

I love these pictures that your daddy took to capture your little self at 12 months old!
They completely capture all your expressions and personality.
You are so fun, playful, and ornery!

There is one thing about your personality I hope you will grow to control as you seek the Lord and desire to honor Him.
That is, that you have a temper. A quick temper and it comes out of no where sometimes!
You can be so upset you are inconsolable and we either try to distract you or just let you work it out on your own.

I love how you adore your sister and crack up at her silliness all day long.
Of course you know how {or you don't realize you are doing it} to push her buttons.
And how to pull her hair. Ouch!
But you two are growing into good friends. You love each other and I pray that only continues to be the foundation of your relationship together.

A couple of your favorite things to do right now is say and give 'kisses'! You smack your lips and you are just so adorable I could eat you up.
Your daddy taught you how to say 'booya' and you say it
You say 'sissy' and 'Evie', mommy and daddy.
And it sounds like you are trying to say things that we say, your just learning so much everyday!
You know the sign for 'milk' and you use it correctly, but you also use it to say that you want more of something. It's the only sign you know so far.
You're a chatter box and you like to hold things up for us to see and you jabber about it like you are telling us all about it.

You are absolutely the sweetest bundle of baby one year old boy and we are so grateful that you are our son. We love watching you grow up and learn. We love you so much, sweetheart!

Happy 1st birthday, Little Dude!


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