Tuesday, October 25


So this whole Pinterest thing, I'll admit I was a sceptic at first and avoided it for several months after learning what exactly it even was. I saw the potential 'time-sucking' factor and quite frankly I don't need another one of those.

It wasn't until I wanted to start planning a birthday party for our Little dude that I decided I'd sign up and only use it for that purpose.

It started out that way... but I actually saw the value in getting ideas for organization and making things in the name of saving money. I gave my self one rule and so far I've done pretty good with it. That is to only 'pin' something if I plan to use it, and I mean really intend on using it not just dreaming, and if I really like it, and I mean really really won't-be-able-to-forget-it-but-won't-remember-where-I-saw-it kind of like it.

So far I have used it to make Little lady a couple of cute things! And today I got hubby to help me hang some of the other ideas:

 Little lady's reading corner.
I got the idea to use Ikea spice racks {$4} for book casing from Pinterest! I love it because it's a simple {and cheap} way to organize and it helps me to keep her book collection down and from getting out of control. Win-win!

The other idea:

Bath towel hooks for each Little. Little Lady's is the flower, of course, and Little Dude and Itty Bitty's hooks both have their first initial on them. Hubby and I found these fun hooks at Anthropology yesterday when we had some time to ourselves! We enjoyed each others company and looked through all of their eclectic style house wares. I could easily decorate our house with their goods!

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