Friday, October 7

Potty Training {Day 3 and beyond}

Monday was actually the 3rd day of our 'official' training. We stayed home and continued our routine with Little Lady and she showed us that she was getting it! She told us when she needed to go and we would take her. She was having less and less minor accidents before making to the potty.

That evening we decided to take our first adventure out of the house and meet Grammy and Auntie D for a birthday dinner for Grammy. I was SO nervous about how things would go and if she would even go on a public potty if she needed to go. I was afraid for her being embarrassed if she had an accident. We just kept reminding her to tell us if she needed to go.

It wasn't until we were close to leaving the restaurant that she told us she needed to go. The first time I took her in to the stall she took one look at the potty and turned back towards me saying 'Too big, mommy. Too big.' She was referring to the size of the toilet, since she uses a training seat on ours at home, and I couldn't help but think our biggest hurdle is that she is too smart for her own good! I didn't force her to go and we went back out with the group. Soon she was saying she needed to go again so I took her back and assured her I would not let her fall in! She wrapped her arms around my neck and finally was able to go!

I had such a huge relief and it felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. Since then I've been carrying a training seat in a bag in our diaper bag for the times that she won't go on a 'too big' public toilet and that works great. I think she has the control part down pretty well now.

The next challenge we faced was night time. She has only had one night {Monday night to be exact} that she slept all night and stayed dry. All the other nights I go into check on her and she would be wet but still sound asleep. It doesn't bother me that she has an accident, we have plenty of sheet and extra blankets and pj's. I have a hard time with her not waking up when she is wet and continuing to sleep in it. I feel so bad for her.

We've been trying lots of different approaches for night time. One is cutting off all liquids, except a little bit at dinner time, at a certain time and encouraging her to use the potty multiple times before getting into her crib. Those things alone haven't worked yet. I was planning on trying to wake her up 1-2 hours after going to bed to go, but last night she actually woke up when she had to go and stayed dry until I got her to the potty!! She did that twice last night! So she was accident free!!!

I'm hoping that means that it is clicking but I still expect accidents and for the training to continue. I'm just so proud of her for picking it up and doing so well and only being a little over 2!

We have officially have just one in diapers! Of course that is only until February but it's a small victory that feels huge!

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