Saturday, October 1

Potty Training {Day 1}

Our first day went well, I'd even say it went better than I anticipated. But my perfectionistic tendencies had me stressed out and wanting to be successful right off the bat. My common sense kept reminding me that just isn't likely, or fair to our Little Lady for that matter.

We started out with a few accidents but after just 3.5 hours into it we had our first success on the big potty! She was on a roll for several more times! Then came nap time. I was anxious. Mostly I worried about how she would handle waking up wet, but I tried to prep my self for the probibility. Nearly two hours later and she woke up DRY! I was very proud of her and made sure she knew it.

Only one more accident and the rest of the afternoon was right on track! She let us know when she needed to go and we rushed her in just in time. I'm hoping that our second and third day are just as successful as the first day!

As for the night, we will see. I'm mentally prepared for waking up to change clothes and sheets but that's ok! It's all part of the learning process. We also haven't had to deal with 'number 2' business yet, not sure what to expect from her with that. But the bottom line is we will take it as it comes and help her figure it out. Our Little Lady is one smart cookie and I don't even doubt that she will get it and be successfully potty trained in the 3 days or less!!

As for me, I'm wiped out! I'm going to need 3 days just to recoup from this.

*We are using the 3 Day Potty Training method.

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