Sunday, October 2

Potty Training {Day 2}

Praising the Lord tonight for answered prayers, today was even more progress than yesterday!! I think Little Lady actually gets it, at least as far as going pee. She tells us when she needs to go and we take her to the potty {we don't have a bathroom on our main level} and she makes it with undies still dry.

Last night wasn't perfect but it wasn't as bad as it could have been! I woke up to her stirring in her crib over the monitor and went in to check on her around midnight. She was wet but still sound asleep. I woke her up and got her all clean and back to a fresh bed and she woke up at 5:30a {my kids are early risers...} and she was DRY! If that's the only hurdle we have in the night, we can handle that. I'm going to try something different tonight and hopefully we can get her to make it through the night.


She also experienced going #2 today and it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it might be. She just didn't make it to the potty in time but we caught it right away so there wasn't really a mess. I think she just needs to keep trying to make it to the potty in time, she doesn't seem afraid of it. That's a relief.

I must say this potty training business is a lot more draining for me than I anticipated. I kind of had some emotional times this afternoon and I realized that I'm just dealing with the fact that my baby girl is becoming a big girl! I'm so proud of her and know that she is so smart for her age. But I feel like she was just my little newborn and we were bringing her home from the hospital. How can she be done with diapers?!

I'm sure my currant state of pregnancy matched with the fact that this method we are using requires us to stay home and one of us be with Little Lady at all times so we can pick up her signals and always catch her accidents in the act and make it to the potty before she is done has a lot to do with it. It's just physically and mentally draining. But she is so worth the sacrafice. All three of my littles are.

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