Tuesday, October 18


I found some fabric that I had to use to make Little Lady some dresses! I was so excited to get 3 of them made this weekend! I had a great idea to share them actually on the little lady they were made for, but a photo shoot with a 2 year old is probably the most ridiculous idea any one could ever have....

Things started out well.

{This one started out as a dress but I didn't really care for it so I cut it shorter to be a cute top instead!}

And my little model was still on board for the next one, but she didn't want to stand still for very long.

{This one is my number one favorite of the 3! Love those buttons :D}

By the third outfit change we were just racing the clock.

{It's a little blurry which makes you feel a little dizzy with this fabric.}

And it just wouldn't be a photo shoot with out sharing the out takes.



All the rest were blurry. So there you have it! My favorite past time right now is making sweet dresses for my sweet little lady!

*Here are the tutorials I used for 2 of them. The other was from a pattern book I have.
Junebug Dress
Ruffle Peasant Top

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