Tuesday, May 31

Spring Cleaning!

I am not messing around this year. I am on a cleaning spree and stripping our house top to bottom of all the things that are not necessity and are just laying around. I'm tired of the clutter and of things not having a designated spot. Even the kids toys feel out of control.

We are going to have a garage sale. Make that several garage sales, because we have too much stuff to put it all out for just one. Sad, I know. All the money we make is going towards the last bit of debt we have. Our goal is to be debt free as soon as possible, including our mortgage. Yep, you heard me correctly! We want to be free from all monetary bondage! And free to use the money we make however the Lord leads us to use it, to further His Kingdom.

I am really feeling motivated and I know it's from the Lord. I have been telling Him how I'm just sick and tired in the stuff lifestyle we are saturated in by this world. And I want to live so much more simply. I just feel so tired everyday. There is so much that I want to do but I just can't do it on my own. I want to be a good steward of all that He provides for us, including our income and the abundance that He gives us to give to help others and share the love of Jesus!

So this morning, I forewent {whoa, didn't know if that was a real word, but I guess it is!} my scheduled training work out and spent my energy deep cleaning and gutting out our bedrooms. It was such a great feeling to eliminate all the excess and finally have a place for each thing that we need and/or that we actually use {so long half used bottles of lotion from five years ago and crusty dried out nail polish!}.

I plan on using the rest of this week {and probably next week too} to eventually hit every single spot/corner/closet/drawer/storage container until I get rid of everything we don't need or use and everything that is left has a place. Today was bedrooms, tomorrow is living room and kitchen!

Oh, and I'm also planning on starting this challenge for myself tomorrow. I can't wait to get my devotion time back to, well devotion to my Jesus! Will you join us?

Flowers and pictures.

We spent our Memorial day holiday at the Botanical Gardens. I'd never been there before but it was gorgeous! I kept telling hubby over and over again that my grandma {who passed away in 2006 of cancer} would have loved it there. She was passionate about flowers. She always had a beautiful garden and lawn and I loved visiting her in the summers and helping her water them as she told me about each one. I decided to throughly enjoy it on her behalf!

I knew what several of the flowers where called because of her educating me as a child. Hubby was impressed! My absolute favorite flower is -who am I kidding, I have several favorites- but I really, really, really love peonies! {And we didn't get any pictures of them because my camera battery died soon after we got there.} I think I convinced hubby to let me plant one or two in our yard. He thought they were pretty neat before they bloom, they are these tight, small little balls. And when they bloom they are these big, fluffy and soft looking flowers! Ah, I just love them.

The actual reason we went to the Botanical Gardens yesterday was to have family photos taken! Hubby surprised me on Mother's day with a paid session with MckMama for yesterday. I had been telling him how I wished we would be able to schedule something with her while she was here {for those of you who might not know who she is, she is a mama blogger who lives up north and her family is on a summer long road trip in a camper headed out west! She is also a photographer by profession and takes amazing pictures.} We actually had a photo shoot with her last winter when she came out for a Focus on the Family marriage conference.

Here the kids are dressed for the pictures.  I made Little lady's dress. :)

The funny thing is when she came out last February Little lady was 7 months old and now Little dude is 7 months old, having our photos taken by her again! She recognized us and recalled us from the first time once we told her about it. It was fun to chat with her again. She is so good with kids {shoot, she has 5 of her own!} and we can not wait to see how the pictures turned out!!

Friday, May 20

Rainy days.

I guess when it rains day after day, they start running together. I am completely aware that I didn't get the little's updates posted last week. We've been enjoying just hanging out and playing together at home. Without even realizing it, I kind of unplugged us, the kids and I, from our media outlets. Less shows, Facebook, blogging, etc and just been together.

It's so refreshing!

I'm more naturally a get-out-and-go girl, but God is preparing me for a new phase of life. As we make the needed changes to become a one car family and continue to work on simplifying our life of busyness and media input, I'm so excited for the future of this little family.

Every time I think of ways to simplify our lives and focus more on being a family and what we can do to live and glorify the Lord! Because regardless if  the world ends tomorrow or not {only God knows, it's His call} our time on earth and in this life is short. I want to make it count!

So there may or may not be regular updates on the littles milestones, at least as the blog world is concerned. In the mean time, if you don't see or hear from us here, just know we are unplugged and hopefully on a family adventure, even if it's in our own living room!

Wednesday, May 18

Sew much fun!

My mama came to visit this weekend and we really enjoyed it! On Saturday hubby had to work so we went out and did a little shopping. Sunday was church and I went to help plan a baby shower and then we just hung out at the house. Monday we all {except hubby and little dude} had a bit of a stomach bug or ate something that didn't settle right. So Nana decided to stay another day.

It was a relaxing, enjoyable time! And the best part was I got some focused sewing time in while Nana had tea parties and played with the kids. We all got to do what we enjoy!

Someone my mom works with has a little girl who turned 2 this past weekend. I got inspired and decided to make her a little outfit!

Dresses like these and many other adorable things for your little sweetheart will be available in my shop by the end of this month!! I'll share more about this in the coming months!!

Monday, May 9

Wonderful Weekend.

What a wonderful weekend! I hope you all had a great one too.

Let's see, on Saturday we got up and around and went out to our favorite outdoor shopping center close by to snap some picture of the kids! Imagine my surprise when we pull up to the courtyard {that also has a ground fountain we enjoy through out the summer} and find that all of the flower gardens surrounding it are filled with TULIPS, all in full bloom. I was so excited because tulips are my absolute favorite flowers!

And they were gorgeous! The fountain was going to, which was also a surprise. Although I can see why, given our 80 degree weekend. Summer is just around the corner!!

The kids were in pretty good moods and we got quite a few great shots! Even though Little lady is in a phase where she doesn't mind her brother as long as he isn't touching her. That left little hope for a sibling shot.

After we took pictures, I spent the afternoon at our church helping put together rose bouquets that our mom's group sold for Mother's day to benefit a local place that helps single moms in the area. And we went to Saturday evening service as well, where I won the "Mom of the youngest child" contest! Every year they do a competition for the "Mother of the youngest" and "Mother of the oldest child" at each service. Little dude happened to be the youngest little dude there on Saturday night! I won a beautiful bouquet of roses and book!

Sunday morning my mother's day wish came true and I was able to sew for the whole morning!! I actually completed a little summer dress for Little lady! {All except for the shoulder straps which I still have to attach before she can wear it.}


I used the tutorial over at Make it and Love it blog! It was really simple and so very cute! I'm excited to make a few other adorable little outfits for her from a pattern book I found.

We also spent Sunday afternoon with hubby's mom and his aunt and we always have a great time visiting with them! To finish off our day, we went to the park and watched in amazement how much Little lady has grown since last year this time.

And Little dude had his first experience in the swing! He really liked it, much more than his big sister did at his age.

A little work out with daddy was in order as well!

What was the best part about your weekend?

Sunday, May 8

happy mother's day.

I hope all of you mothers have a wonderful Mother's day!

Tuesday, May 3

A days worth of thoughts.

This isn't going to be a deep, thought provoking post. Just a purging of my thoughts and doings from today. {Insert possible snooze alert!}

This is looking like a busy week for us. And I'm excited about it! I've honestly had the blues the last couple weeks and I'm not sure why but I am actually motivated this week and it feels really great.

I get that way sometimes where I don't really want to do anything, even get dressed, let alone go any where or see any one. I know those are the times that I need to make my self reach out, and I did {a little bit} but it was hard and I struggled to enjoy it.

This past weekend I got to spend some one on one time with hubby and that was so refreshing! Anyone without littles or with big 'littles' probably doesn't understand or remember how draining and tiring it can be and we have neglected to nurture our relationship first and foremost for several {dare I say} months. It's sad, I know. 

So we made a decision to try and get out together, for fun at least once a month. I'm sure that commitment will be challenged by the enemy because he doesn't want our marriage to work or be enjoyable. But we know, love and serve someOne greater, who does want us to succeed! All for His glory!!

So back to our busy week... today we went to our monthly group from our church of moms with on the way babies, all the way to 12 month old babes! I love this group and getting together with them. There is just something wonderful about spending time with other women that are in the same stage of life! Even if it means that conversations get interrupted by diaper changes, spit up or sleepy babes. We get that about each others lives right now. And being able to encourage each other and if nothing else find out that we ARE NOT alone in what we are going through. I love this group of women!!

Through this group I've made several friends that we meet outside of the once a month group and our friendships continue to grow. Our kids are playing and growing up together! I love that. As a kid my family moved a lot and it was difficult to make and then keep friends, and as a result I don't really have friends I grew up with {we don't really keep in touch at least}. Don't get me wrong, I loved being able to see so much of the U.S. because we lived in a lot of different places and my brothers were my best friends growing up! But I'm excited for my kids to be able to experience friendships that started before they even walked or talked. {That is if the Lord doesn't move us away from where we are, which He may someday, only He knows!} But we love where we are and look forward to what the Lord has in store for us here, now.

And on another note, I went to the fabric store today...

I can not wait {but I'm going to} to show you what I'm turning this little finds into!! Aren't the colors fabulous?! I'm really excited!

Happy Tuesday to you!

Monday, May 2

First haircut!

Little lady had her first trip to the 'beauty parlor' today!
The 'Before.'

I've been really hesitant about getting her haircut for a while now. I wanted to let her grow it out until she was ready to cut it. That's what my mama did for me. But the poor girl had hair growing past her eyes and on it's way to her nose! Since she won't really keep a clip or anything in and keep it out of her face, I decided it was time.

We picked out a place {there were a couple of choices} and loaded the kids and the camera into the car and headed to Jack and Jill's Salon. At least from the 15 minutes it took to cut trim her hair, we liked it!

They had several fun and cute little cars for the kids to choose from and sit in. Little lady chose the pink one! And she sat so still and seemed to like it, but mostly seemed oblivious to what was even happening.
The 'After.'
After she trimmed up her bangs and evened out the back just a little bit, the lady that cut her hair put a little ribbon and just a quick spray of glitter in Little lady's hair. She looked so adorable! And she loved her lollipop for being a good little client.

We got the deal for a first haircut where they put a clipping and a picture with a "First Hair Cut" certificate.

She may be just under 3 months from turning TWO, but she still seems like she should be my little baby! She is growing up so fast and now she has a hair cut to match!!

As you can see, the hair bow didn't stay a bow and actually fell all the way out very shortly after this!
After lunch today we also took the littles to a really fun place Hubby and I discovered on Saturday, Jumpstreet! They have rows of trampolines to jump on and a little section for the kiddos {7 and younger only} to jump and play too! Little lady has always been a 'bouncer' and can quite often be found bouncing through the house. Literally, the girl LOVES to jump. And that is why we knew this place was made for her.
Taking a break from bouncing {and looking so big}!


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