Tuesday, May 3

A days worth of thoughts.

This isn't going to be a deep, thought provoking post. Just a purging of my thoughts and doings from today. {Insert possible snooze alert!}

This is looking like a busy week for us. And I'm excited about it! I've honestly had the blues the last couple weeks and I'm not sure why but I am actually motivated this week and it feels really great.

I get that way sometimes where I don't really want to do anything, even get dressed, let alone go any where or see any one. I know those are the times that I need to make my self reach out, and I did {a little bit} but it was hard and I struggled to enjoy it.

This past weekend I got to spend some one on one time with hubby and that was so refreshing! Anyone without littles or with big 'littles' probably doesn't understand or remember how draining and tiring it can be and we have neglected to nurture our relationship first and foremost for several {dare I say} months. It's sad, I know. 

So we made a decision to try and get out together, for fun at least once a month. I'm sure that commitment will be challenged by the enemy because he doesn't want our marriage to work or be enjoyable. But we know, love and serve someOne greater, who does want us to succeed! All for His glory!!

So back to our busy week... today we went to our monthly group from our church of moms with on the way babies, all the way to 12 month old babes! I love this group and getting together with them. There is just something wonderful about spending time with other women that are in the same stage of life! Even if it means that conversations get interrupted by diaper changes, spit up or sleepy babes. We get that about each others lives right now. And being able to encourage each other and if nothing else find out that we ARE NOT alone in what we are going through. I love this group of women!!

Through this group I've made several friends that we meet outside of the once a month group and our friendships continue to grow. Our kids are playing and growing up together! I love that. As a kid my family moved a lot and it was difficult to make and then keep friends, and as a result I don't really have friends I grew up with {we don't really keep in touch at least}. Don't get me wrong, I loved being able to see so much of the U.S. because we lived in a lot of different places and my brothers were my best friends growing up! But I'm excited for my kids to be able to experience friendships that started before they even walked or talked. {That is if the Lord doesn't move us away from where we are, which He may someday, only He knows!} But we love where we are and look forward to what the Lord has in store for us here, now.

And on another note, I went to the fabric store today...

I can not wait {but I'm going to} to show you what I'm turning this little finds into!! Aren't the colors fabulous?! I'm really excited!

Happy Tuesday to you!

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Kristy said...

The colors of the fabric you got are AMAZING! I'm going to have to check out your etsy shop for my little girl. Good for you guys for making the time to get out together just the two of you...Living an hour and a half away from family - Joe's and I's last time for just the two of us was over 9 months ago before she was born - and we are feeling the same pull where we need some time soon!


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