Tuesday, May 31

Spring Cleaning!

I am not messing around this year. I am on a cleaning spree and stripping our house top to bottom of all the things that are not necessity and are just laying around. I'm tired of the clutter and of things not having a designated spot. Even the kids toys feel out of control.

We are going to have a garage sale. Make that several garage sales, because we have too much stuff to put it all out for just one. Sad, I know. All the money we make is going towards the last bit of debt we have. Our goal is to be debt free as soon as possible, including our mortgage. Yep, you heard me correctly! We want to be free from all monetary bondage! And free to use the money we make however the Lord leads us to use it, to further His Kingdom.

I am really feeling motivated and I know it's from the Lord. I have been telling Him how I'm just sick and tired in the stuff lifestyle we are saturated in by this world. And I want to live so much more simply. I just feel so tired everyday. There is so much that I want to do but I just can't do it on my own. I want to be a good steward of all that He provides for us, including our income and the abundance that He gives us to give to help others and share the love of Jesus!

So this morning, I forewent {whoa, didn't know if that was a real word, but I guess it is!} my scheduled training work out and spent my energy deep cleaning and gutting out our bedrooms. It was such a great feeling to eliminate all the excess and finally have a place for each thing that we need and/or that we actually use {so long half used bottles of lotion from five years ago and crusty dried out nail polish!}.

I plan on using the rest of this week {and probably next week too} to eventually hit every single spot/corner/closet/drawer/storage container until I get rid of everything we don't need or use and everything that is left has a place. Today was bedrooms, tomorrow is living room and kitchen!

Oh, and I'm also planning on starting this challenge for myself tomorrow. I can't wait to get my devotion time back to, well devotion to my Jesus! Will you join us?


Shannon Tach said...

I had to laugh out loud when I read the beginning of your post because I too spent all morning de-cluttering and cleaning. I moved the couches, picked up the toys, rearranged some furniture, then started on our master bedroom. Sad to admit but there are still boxes we haven't unpacked from 6 months ago...eek! Definitely junk we don't need. We are also going to have a garage sale, though most of our stuff is the ''big item'' baby stuff. Hopefully we'll both make good money!

Katie Bernshausen said...

YES! Doesn't it feel so refreshing to declutter?! I love it :) 

Jaclyn Zornes said...

I have been wanting to do the same.  We did this after we got married, but with Joel bringing home his office stuff since quitting appraising and everything we were given for Jeremiah is starts to pile up so quickly!  My issue is mostly papers right now from Joel's office and I cannot seem to find the time to sort through it all. 

I do not know how many or what types of toys you might be getting rid of, but I would be interested in looking at them! I will pay you, too!  Jeremiah has very few toys and the ones he has he is quickly outgrowing or getting bored with them!  Poor little guy.  My sister-in-law has given us toys, but they are not quite what I would pick and I am planning on getting rid of them.  I would especially like books and puzzles if you are saying goodbye to those!  Anyway, let me know!  :-) 


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