Tuesday, November 13

Cool Jazz-y Sea Life

I've been plotting and planning for a change in Evie's room for a few months. She has had the same nursery decor since she was born and it was cute and just fine. But I found this print by Katie Daisy and absolutely love her style!


So this is the theme or inspiration of her room, if you will. And it makes it easier because every color is in this print! I am filling the room with color!! It's seriously so much fun. 

All but touch ups are left on the paint on the walls. Then on to the fun part of all the details.

I picked Cool Jazz and Sea Life (pictured) in Behr paint for her walls.

Friday, November 9

When Nana takes the littles to the park...

When Nana takes the littles to the park, then our van will magically turn into an ice cream train.

And when the van turns into an ice cream train, then the littles will wan to name it sprinkles.

So it's only natural that Nana would have to take the littles to get an ice cream cone!

Thursday, November 8

And now back to your regularly scheduled program...

So that {ahem} 3 month blogging break was not intended. But boy did it feel good!! I just didn't feel like blogging for a long while and I knew if I made my self do it I would be doing for an audience and not for myself. Not that I don't love you lovely readers, I just want this blog to be real and genuine!

We had a lot of goings on, like everyone else I'm sure, {like moving my mom from her state to our state, and Brandon going a big trip, etc.} and I'm not sure if I could or if I even want to back up and fill it in. So I think we will just be moving along...

My mom is living with us for awhile to get her feet on the ground here and to help me with the littles and because we, plain and simple, like having her around! Especially 3 very specific littles {aka, Nana's Biggest Fan Club}.

This last week has been busy with getting back into a routine after being at my mom's house for nearly 3 weeks, packing and selling and donating LOTS of stuff. :) Since the weather has been A-mazing the last few days we have gotten out of the house a few times to soak it up before winter actually decides to show up... anytime now, just 15 days until Thanksgiving, you know!


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