Friday, April 27

Ready to go.

Yesterday Little lady came down stairs after the littles had been up playing for awhile. This is how she came down...

"I'm ready to go, mom" is what she told me!

Yes you are, Little Lady! And I pray you never out grow your confidence and style!!

Wednesday, April 25

Abundant Sonshine

Ever since I set up my sewing area in the basement {complete with play area too!} I've been able to work steadily on sewing projects. It's a much more relaxing experience then using our kitchen island.

 A few of the things I've made recently:

1. My fist pair of baby shoes, for Itty bitty. These little cuties are scrap busters! I'm thinking about whipping up a few and listing them in the shop!

 2. A Mother's Day dress for Little lady. I still hope to make a coordinating something or other for the boys. We are carrying on a tradition of pictures with the kids on Mother's and Father's Day. This dress is also available for purchase in my shop!

 3. A several rompers for Little lady to wear as we are having warmer weather! Two of these are also available for purchase in the shop! I'm working another piece for the shop and I am so excited to post the new items recently sent to a photographer for a photo shoot!


4. I made up some simple skirts and added them to the shop as well!

The Lord has really blessed this business and I love the way He is weaving together a story of His faithfulness and abundance throughout every part of it. It all started when I began praying about opening an Etsy shop to sell the things I was sewing. I tried but just couldn't think of a name that was original enough to call the shop. I really wanted it to mean something.

At the same time Hubby and I were beginning to talk about the possibility of our family adopting a little one someday. Around that same time I knew I wanted to use my gift and desire to sew to help with the costs involved with adoptions. The more I brainstormed a name, the more duds I came up with. I finally gave up on forcing it and turned it over to the Lord. I told Hubby if it was right it would be a name that no one else on Etsy had, it would stand alone.

I knew My God was big enough to make that happen, if Was His will. The very next day, as I was checking the weather forecast for the day I read it out loud, "Abundant sunshine." Hubby said that he thought that would make a neat shop name, that I could spell it 'Sonshine' instead. I really loved how happy and positive it sounded and at that moment the verse, Ephesians 3:20 came to mind. "Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or imagine." I knew it was from Him and it would be the tag line for the shop.

As soon as I had the chance I checked on Etsy and sure enough there was no other shop, not even with the spelling 'sunshine.' I was so excited and I clearly received the message that when I let God be in control, He will do above and beyond what I could ever think or imagine! Since then I've been able to put portions of every sale towards helping a sweet family near my home town bring their precious baby girl home from China!

He has continued to amaze me as He recently provided and amazing deal to work out with an incredibly talented pho graphed offering to do a photoshoot using my pieces and giving me full rights of the images for advertising! She is also a customer who has been touched by what my shop stands for! I am so grateful for the opportunity the Lord has given me in being a part of a story He is writing. I look forward to all He has ahead for us and pray that He draws people to Him.

Saturday, April 21

Saturday = Family time

The last few weekends have been busy for us and this was the first in a while to spend together, just the 5 of us. We woke up to a beautiful day and decided to go to the zoo!

We almost didn't stay because it was packed! But at the last minute we found a parking spot and decided to brave it. We are so glad we did because the new part of the zoo that they've been building over the last 2 years was open for a preview! We got to see the elephants, which it's been awhile because they moved them over to their new place several months ago, so we hadn't seen them the last few times we went to the zoo.

They even got a few more than the 2 they had before, including a baby elephant!

This is one of the new males. He was inside and they had him do this pose for the crowd.

After we walked through some of the new area {they only had the area where the elephants were, but it's going to be a HUGE new exhibit to include all the Asian animals}, we headed to a grassy, shaded area near the giraffes. We laid out a blanket and let the kids run around for a while. It was so relaxing and enjoyable! Just hanging out together.

The weather was perfect and the company was just right! After we had hung out for a little while we decided to pack up and head home. We didn't feel like fighting the crowds to see anymore animals and the beauty of having a membership is you aren't out anything if you don't see everything!

{Our sweet girl. She's even previewing one of the new items coming to my shop soon!}

Handsome boy. Love my littles!

Thursday, April 19


We have gone back and forth for school options for Little Lady. {Can't believe we are already talking about school!}

We have narrowed it down to either home schooling {I love the idea of  being the one to teach my kids and get to be apart of their learning and growing! Seeming them 'get' new concepts and over come challenges and gain confidence} or the school our church provides {having her in a positive, faith-teaching environment while giving me some extra time with the 'little' littles would be a great choice too}. They both have their pros and cons.

But they are both doable and neither have cons that are deal breakers. We just have to pick one and go with it.

So we are going to go one year at a time. Preschool is first. And that is actually an easy decision because our church's school doesn't have preschool this year, God willing, they will be starting a program next year.

I'm looking forward to starting preschool with her late this summer, I want to wait until she is 3. I'm planning on taking the whole year to work with her on it and add in materiel or take out as we see fit. It was easy for me to pick a curriculum, it is only preschool! Confession's of a Homeschool has a preschool and K4 curriculum that I really like, and it includes faith-based material as well as lesson plans to go off of. The work of putting it together is done and I can spend my time doing activities with her instead!

The curriculum is called Letter of the Week and she gives a supply list here. We need several things on the list so between now and then I'm buying a little bit at a time so it's not a huge expense all at once. The Do-a-Dot markers came yesterday so we decided to give them a try. It was pleasant experience and she gets the concept easily!

Her first Dot art project:

This was her first page. We did the E together and I helped with the others. By the time we got to the L she did it all by herself!

Tuesday, April 17

Night & Day

The boy littles had their check-ups yesterday and they are so different from each other! I love it. I'm sure we will see more similarities as Itty Bitty grows more.

But for now, here is how they measured up:

Little Dude:

Weighed 21 lbs, 10 oz {5%} and is 31.5 inches tall {25%}. He has exploded in speech since the last visit and is on track for all other development. He is just our 'little' little! He has always been on the small side of the growth chart, but at least he's on it!!

Itty Bitty:

Weighed 13 lbs, 7.5 oz {75%} and is 23.5 inches tall {50%}. He is on track with all his development, which I wasn't worried about. The doctor said he is holding his head up more like a 4 month old, which seemed about right to me because the kid is always holding his head up and is pretty steady!!

That's our boys! The are different unique in their own special ways, but we like it that way.

Saturday, April 14

Little Dude {18 Months}

18 months is a big milestone and you have grown SO much! I go back and forth between not believing you are already 18 months and that you are only 18 months.

I am so grateful that you talk so clearly and so much for your age. I think we have avoided many a tantrums because of that, not that you let us of the hook by any means. Instead you have your fit when we don't give you the answer or response you wanted.

Most of the time you communicate in two to three word phrases, sometimes even full sentences. Usually I hear "want dink" {drink}, "want to play", "want..." etc. You are very good with manners, I hardly ever have to remind you to say them and you even say "please" with the "L" now! You even say your sisters name clear as day! My favorite phrases are: "wuv you", "nye-night, mommy", "I dot-cha, mommy/daddy" {"I gotcha" when we are carrying you}.

Something cute you do, when I leave the pantry door open you make your way over and stand there looking at the contents. You'll say "mmmmm..... want cookies. mmmmm.... want kak-ers {crackers}." I laugh every time.

You are our cuddle bug. Physical touch is with out a doubt your love language. You love to be held and hugged and cuddled pretty much all day! Sometimes you just follow me around and hold on to my leg or pants. You don't want anything or fuss. You are just content to be with me and be touching me while I'm doing dishes or making lunch.

Your big sister is EVERYthing. Any thing she says or does, you are right there saying and doing it too! You two play together so well, most of the time that is. There are times that you like to pester her or she will do things to get you upset. But that isn't the majority of the time. The two of you are rarely apart and if you are then you want to know where sissy is.

You are also very interested in baby brother and don't really act jealous any more. You like to talk to him and "tickle" him or "hug" him {which really means lay down on top of him}. You really are so loving. You are our sensitive one who cares how everyone is feeling and doing.

You love animals and love any toy that has to do with animals. A tiger, giraffe and zebra from the dollar store are your favorite. If you want to watch a show it's always "want lion" {Lion King} or "want Cars". You love the opening scene of Lion King and even sing along!

Lately you are wanting to draw and color all the time. You spend long periods of time drawing on the Magna-doodle. Any time I let you go outside you are so excited and would rather be out doors than in. At the playground you love to swing and almost fall asleep every time we go!

You are a blast, sweet boy and I love you sweet, caring and funny personality. Can't wait to see how you grow in the next 6 months!

Monday, April 9

Easter 2012

We had a beautiful and fun Easter weekend with Oma & Opa. They came to visit us and we have enjoyed them being here!

They flew in on Good Friday and we stayed home and relaxed for the evening except for a quick trip to get froyo before bed time. Yum!

Saturday we dyed a few eggs and then spent the rest of the day at the zoo. Such a nice day and the kids loved going with Oma and Opa. Saturday evening Hubby and I {and Itty Bitty!} got out for a little bit to see a movie while the big 'littles' stayed home and played.

Sunday we celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus Christ by going to Easter service and then came home and had a yummy dinner of ham and fixings - a la Hubby. I seriously have it made!

After Little Dude woke from his nap we had an egg hunt out side and played with bubbles. And we ended the day with a play at the park!

Such a great weekend to realize how blessed I am and to be grateful and so thankful for all my Jesus did for me.

How was your Easter?!

Friday, April 6


Devotion by Hillsong

I've been running, trying to be one who sees
I've been working, this salvation out on my knees
There is nothing better than knowing
We are redeemed
I'm believing, trusting in creative hands,
I am praying for our world to bow to your plan
And this one thought is unmistakable
To take up my cross and follow You Lord

When You stand, the tall tress and mountains bow
When You speak, the fiercest of oceans is still
And I see the sinner seek devotion
The lost become chosen, and I fall to my knees

I'm forgiven by a Savior who did not deserve death
He was blameless and I was lost in shamefulness
Undelivered, but it doesn't seem right
Unless I keep my eyes focues on the Savior who gave His life
In the middle of a world that denies it believes
It is breaking apart at the very seams
There is one thing to be alive for
And it's to take up my cross and follow You Lord

When You stand, the tall trees and mountains bow
When You speak, the fiercest of oceans is still
And I see the sinner seek devotion
The lost become chosen, and I fall to my knees

I will take up my cross and follow Lord where You lead me
And I will take up my cross and follow wherever you go

When You stand, the tall trees and mountains bow
When You speak, the fiercest of oceans are still
And I see the sinner seek devotion
The lost become chosen, and I fall to my knees

Happy Easter, everyone!

But the angel answered and said to the women, "Do not be afraid, for I know that you seek Jesus who was crucified. He is not here; for He is risen, as He said." Matthew 28:5-6

Wednesday, April 4


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