Thursday, April 19


We have gone back and forth for school options for Little Lady. {Can't believe we are already talking about school!}

We have narrowed it down to either home schooling {I love the idea of  being the one to teach my kids and get to be apart of their learning and growing! Seeming them 'get' new concepts and over come challenges and gain confidence} or the school our church provides {having her in a positive, faith-teaching environment while giving me some extra time with the 'little' littles would be a great choice too}. They both have their pros and cons.

But they are both doable and neither have cons that are deal breakers. We just have to pick one and go with it.

So we are going to go one year at a time. Preschool is first. And that is actually an easy decision because our church's school doesn't have preschool this year, God willing, they will be starting a program next year.

I'm looking forward to starting preschool with her late this summer, I want to wait until she is 3. I'm planning on taking the whole year to work with her on it and add in materiel or take out as we see fit. It was easy for me to pick a curriculum, it is only preschool! Confession's of a Homeschool has a preschool and K4 curriculum that I really like, and it includes faith-based material as well as lesson plans to go off of. The work of putting it together is done and I can spend my time doing activities with her instead!

The curriculum is called Letter of the Week and she gives a supply list here. We need several things on the list so between now and then I'm buying a little bit at a time so it's not a huge expense all at once. The Do-a-Dot markers came yesterday so we decided to give them a try. It was pleasant experience and she gets the concept easily!

Her first Dot art project:

This was her first page. We did the E together and I helped with the others. By the time we got to the L she did it all by herself!

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Nana said...

Excuse me, but did you say SCHOOL? Just yesterday she was taking her first step! (Or was it the day before...?)


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