Saturday, April 14

Little Dude {18 Months}

18 months is a big milestone and you have grown SO much! I go back and forth between not believing you are already 18 months and that you are only 18 months.

I am so grateful that you talk so clearly and so much for your age. I think we have avoided many a tantrums because of that, not that you let us of the hook by any means. Instead you have your fit when we don't give you the answer or response you wanted.

Most of the time you communicate in two to three word phrases, sometimes even full sentences. Usually I hear "want dink" {drink}, "want to play", "want..." etc. You are very good with manners, I hardly ever have to remind you to say them and you even say "please" with the "L" now! You even say your sisters name clear as day! My favorite phrases are: "wuv you", "nye-night, mommy", "I dot-cha, mommy/daddy" {"I gotcha" when we are carrying you}.

Something cute you do, when I leave the pantry door open you make your way over and stand there looking at the contents. You'll say "mmmmm..... want cookies. mmmmm.... want kak-ers {crackers}." I laugh every time.

You are our cuddle bug. Physical touch is with out a doubt your love language. You love to be held and hugged and cuddled pretty much all day! Sometimes you just follow me around and hold on to my leg or pants. You don't want anything or fuss. You are just content to be with me and be touching me while I'm doing dishes or making lunch.

Your big sister is EVERYthing. Any thing she says or does, you are right there saying and doing it too! You two play together so well, most of the time that is. There are times that you like to pester her or she will do things to get you upset. But that isn't the majority of the time. The two of you are rarely apart and if you are then you want to know where sissy is.

You are also very interested in baby brother and don't really act jealous any more. You like to talk to him and "tickle" him or "hug" him {which really means lay down on top of him}. You really are so loving. You are our sensitive one who cares how everyone is feeling and doing.

You love animals and love any toy that has to do with animals. A tiger, giraffe and zebra from the dollar store are your favorite. If you want to watch a show it's always "want lion" {Lion King} or "want Cars". You love the opening scene of Lion King and even sing along!

Lately you are wanting to draw and color all the time. You spend long periods of time drawing on the Magna-doodle. Any time I let you go outside you are so excited and would rather be out doors than in. At the playground you love to swing and almost fall asleep every time we go!

You are a blast, sweet boy and I love you sweet, caring and funny personality. Can't wait to see how you grow in the next 6 months!

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