Tuesday, April 17

Night & Day

The boy littles had their check-ups yesterday and they are so different from each other! I love it. I'm sure we will see more similarities as Itty Bitty grows more.

But for now, here is how they measured up:

Little Dude:

Weighed 21 lbs, 10 oz {5%} and is 31.5 inches tall {25%}. He has exploded in speech since the last visit and is on track for all other development. He is just our 'little' little! He has always been on the small side of the growth chart, but at least he's on it!!

Itty Bitty:

Weighed 13 lbs, 7.5 oz {75%} and is 23.5 inches tall {50%}. He is on track with all his development, which I wasn't worried about. The doctor said he is holding his head up more like a 4 month old, which seemed about right to me because the kid is always holding his head up and is pretty steady!!

That's our boys! The are different unique in their own special ways, but we like it that way.

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