Wednesday, April 25

Abundant Sonshine

Ever since I set up my sewing area in the basement {complete with play area too!} I've been able to work steadily on sewing projects. It's a much more relaxing experience then using our kitchen island.

 A few of the things I've made recently:

1. My fist pair of baby shoes, for Itty bitty. These little cuties are scrap busters! I'm thinking about whipping up a few and listing them in the shop!

 2. A Mother's Day dress for Little lady. I still hope to make a coordinating something or other for the boys. We are carrying on a tradition of pictures with the kids on Mother's and Father's Day. This dress is also available for purchase in my shop!

 3. A several rompers for Little lady to wear as we are having warmer weather! Two of these are also available for purchase in the shop! I'm working another piece for the shop and I am so excited to post the new items recently sent to a photographer for a photo shoot!


4. I made up some simple skirts and added them to the shop as well!

The Lord has really blessed this business and I love the way He is weaving together a story of His faithfulness and abundance throughout every part of it. It all started when I began praying about opening an Etsy shop to sell the things I was sewing. I tried but just couldn't think of a name that was original enough to call the shop. I really wanted it to mean something.

At the same time Hubby and I were beginning to talk about the possibility of our family adopting a little one someday. Around that same time I knew I wanted to use my gift and desire to sew to help with the costs involved with adoptions. The more I brainstormed a name, the more duds I came up with. I finally gave up on forcing it and turned it over to the Lord. I told Hubby if it was right it would be a name that no one else on Etsy had, it would stand alone.

I knew My God was big enough to make that happen, if Was His will. The very next day, as I was checking the weather forecast for the day I read it out loud, "Abundant sunshine." Hubby said that he thought that would make a neat shop name, that I could spell it 'Sonshine' instead. I really loved how happy and positive it sounded and at that moment the verse, Ephesians 3:20 came to mind. "Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or imagine." I knew it was from Him and it would be the tag line for the shop.

As soon as I had the chance I checked on Etsy and sure enough there was no other shop, not even with the spelling 'sunshine.' I was so excited and I clearly received the message that when I let God be in control, He will do above and beyond what I could ever think or imagine! Since then I've been able to put portions of every sale towards helping a sweet family near my home town bring their precious baby girl home from China!

He has continued to amaze me as He recently provided and amazing deal to work out with an incredibly talented pho graphed offering to do a photoshoot using my pieces and giving me full rights of the images for advertising! She is also a customer who has been touched by what my shop stands for! I am so grateful for the opportunity the Lord has given me in being a part of a story He is writing. I look forward to all He has ahead for us and pray that He draws people to Him.

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