Sunday, April 1

Gangsters and Flappers

Hubby's 30th birthday party was a blast! We did a Roaring 20's party since he is leaving his 20's behind!

Almost everyone dressed up {and we still love you even if you didn't ; ) }!

I spent most of the morning decorating and making lasagna. Everything was red & black and the lasagna was hit because of hubby's homemade sauce. {Yes he loves to cook and even baked his own cake because he loves to bake too! I'm a lucky girl} There was Big Band music playing and a silent film showing in the "Flapper's Lounge" {the basement}.

I made Little Lady and Little dude their own outfits {Itty Bitty just hung out in a onesie because it was just too hot, for him and me!}.

We had a great time, I'll let the pictures share the rest!

This sign greeted guests as they arrived.
I made her skirt and bought her headband on Etsy.

Loved our friend Angie's creative costume!

I found my dress at Charming Charlie and I'll be able to wear it again!

Lolli with Pops gun.

Gangster Pops.

The shirt I made up to match daddy!

Happy 30th, Love! Excited to spend the next 30 with you!!

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Nana/Mama said...

Absolutely awesome!!! Brandon, Katie and the all look simply mahvelous! Pam and Dori are simply the cat's meow! Looks like everyone had a great time. One question.....has the mob boss on the reward poster been apprehended yet? He's REALLY SCARY! Miss and love you all.


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