Tuesday, April 3

Itty Bitty {2 Months}

Ok little mister, this is going by way to fast for my comfort.

You, of course are growing right before my eyes. You are starting to let us see little glimpses of your personality and I looking forward to seeing the little person you will be. That God created you to be.

You are precious to us and being the 3rd has it's advantages {laid back, confident parents who are more relaxed in caring for you} and disadvantages {having to wait for big sis/bro, being poked and patted on the head} but you are one loved little boy.

You had your second bath in the sink. Not as much of a fan as the first time.

You are wearing 3 month size clothes and size 1 diapers. We will see how much you weigh at your check up in a couple weeks.  You're becoming more alert during the days but still take a long 3 hour nap in the middle of the day. You eat around every 2-3 hours and you can take a bottle if you need to, but you usually get to nurse.

You are a fairly good sleeper at night. Usually out for the night by 8 or 9 pm and wake up maybe twice. And you are up in the morning around 7 or 8, it just depends on the bigger 'littles' how the morning is going for all of us. Usually there's a 3-4 hour stretch in there and you go right back to sleep after you nurse. Most of the night you are in our bed but you will sleep in the pack-n-play by our bed. I sleep better with you right next to me though. :)

Happy 2 months, sweetheart!

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