Sunday, March 25


We have had some fun happenings around here...

I'm throwing hubby a Roarin' Twenties themed 30th Birthday Party {his bday is Thursday} this weekend and we are doing a costume contest. Hubby and I have had fun picking out and gathering ours and we are all ready to go so I am hoping to whip up something for the littles this week. I've been looking forward to it for a couple months and I'm glad it's finally {almost} here!!

We recently bought some furniture for our basement that serves as our guest area and now my sewing area! Thanks to Ikea we have a new sofa bed and I have an awesome sewing station {I'll post pictures when I get everything organized}. Up until now most of my sewing has taken place at the kitchen table and it can be a pain to have to pick it all up every time we eat a meal. Set up and take down is now valuable time I can spending sewing as I can leave a project in the middle if I need to take care of any "Little" business. The space is now kid friendly too, with a train table and a doll house I recently found at a consignment sale! 

She loves her 'new' dollhouse and has played with it endlessly since I brought it home!

Today we bought some sand for the kids to play with in our water table! They loved playing in it this afternoon! I thought sand would be good to play with at the beginning of spring/summer and we can switch it out to water in late summer, when the heat of the days will warrant nothing else!

I got a hair cut and it's perfect for the currently beautiful and warm weather we are having as of late {Wahoo for mid-70's!}

The front
The back

We found these mini popsicles at the store and they are a hit around here. Just the right size for 'little' mouths!

And just some more pictures for the grandparents...

Daddy's buddy. He seriously falls asleep like this every time hubby holds him. I love it!

Love this little chocolatey, sandy mouth 'cheese-er'!

So serious.

This explains a lot. Gotta share the 'real.'
Hope you had a great weekend. We did!

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