Saturday, March 3

Itty Bitty {1 Month}

Baby, sweet baby of mine...

... you are one month new today yesterday!

You have crept right in to our hearts and you are adored by us all!

Your big sister LOVES to give you kisses and when you are fussing she will start singing you a song, like Jesus loves me or Uncle Goggle's song {as it's fondly called in our house} and she wants to help me with you when ever she can!

Your big brother is always checking up on you. While you are in your swing he will ask you "k?" {"You ok?"} even if you are sleeping! It's so sweet. He likes to give you hugs. And when he wakes up in the morning he will say "mow-ning ee-lie" and I just about melt at the cuteness! I can't wait for you and him to be best buds when you get a little bigger.

Your daddy and I are over the moon for you and we praise God for giving you to our family.

At one month you are:

  • Sleeping most of the day, waking only to eat usually every 3 hours or so.
  • At night you sleep for 3-4 hour stretches most nights and you are sleeping with me in our bed. I love snuggling with you.
  • You can already hold your head up for 10-15 min at a time and you prefer to face out when I'm holding you. You like to look around.
  • You are wearing size 1 diapers but they slid off your almost non existent bottom! You are already growing too long for for newborn size clothes. You are long and lean!
  • You are starting to make eye contact more and more.
  • You hate your car seat.
  • If you are fussy, a lot of times I can just lay you down on the floor and you calm down and look all around.

Happy one month sweet baby boy!


Jaclyn Zornes said...

I love your updates and wish I would have thought to do them, too!  He is so cute!

Colleen said...

Sam was the same way...he HATED his car seat, but around the 2 month mark, he came around. He also, and still does, calm down when we lay him on the ground....though now he doesn't stay still and is rolling and scooting around every where. Sam is a big snuggle bug too, and I often fall asleep nursing him, laying down in bed, during the night. My favorite time is his bed time feeding...laying there with him, cuddling, and looking at this beautiful boy God has given me.

Nana said...

Oh my, Little E! How you have changed in just one month! Sending lots of Nana kisses to you and your big bro and sis!!! XXXXXXOOOOOO And here's some for Mama and Daddy too! XXXXXXXOOOOOO Miss you all...2 months and counting...  :)


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