Sunday, March 11

Where we've been

My lack of blogging is not for lack of things to write about. It has much more to do with the lack of energy or time! I'm learning that with each new edition I have to manage my time and chose what I'll put energy towards and what I'll let go.

I just can't {as much as I want to sometimes} do it all {shocking. I know.} {and yes mom, I said it. don't ask me to repeat it.} So.... I'll just have to let somethings go and pray I choose to invest in the right things!

I've been writing an update post in my head for weeks now... but when I find a moment that I could sit and write, I'm just too tired. But I'm hoping to get on it, it's on my week's to-do list.

In the mean time, I'll leave you with this much too adorable new item I made and hope to have listed in my shop when I get all the spring/summer line together and photographed!

I know I'm biased, and I think the dress is cute but I'm much more in favor of the model! And her daddy says {and I agree} she looks way too grown up in this adorable dress. :) What these pictures can't capture is her 2.5 yrs going on 12 yrs attitude! Don't know where she gets it from... {any ideas, mom?}


Cheryl Beck Nies said...

She is soooo adorable!  Love the dress too! You are soooo talented!

Nana said...

It's funny, as I was looking at the pics (before I even read any of your blog) I thought to myself, "The dress is way cute, but the little model is too adorable for words!" You make great clothes, hon, but the products you and B crank out...WOW! Love to all XXXOOO


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