Wednesday, May 18

Sew much fun!

My mama came to visit this weekend and we really enjoyed it! On Saturday hubby had to work so we went out and did a little shopping. Sunday was church and I went to help plan a baby shower and then we just hung out at the house. Monday we all {except hubby and little dude} had a bit of a stomach bug or ate something that didn't settle right. So Nana decided to stay another day.

It was a relaxing, enjoyable time! And the best part was I got some focused sewing time in while Nana had tea parties and played with the kids. We all got to do what we enjoy!

Someone my mom works with has a little girl who turned 2 this past weekend. I got inspired and decided to make her a little outfit!

Dresses like these and many other adorable things for your little sweetheart will be available in my shop by the end of this month!! I'll share more about this in the coming months!!

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