Monday, May 9

Wonderful Weekend.

What a wonderful weekend! I hope you all had a great one too.

Let's see, on Saturday we got up and around and went out to our favorite outdoor shopping center close by to snap some picture of the kids! Imagine my surprise when we pull up to the courtyard {that also has a ground fountain we enjoy through out the summer} and find that all of the flower gardens surrounding it are filled with TULIPS, all in full bloom. I was so excited because tulips are my absolute favorite flowers!

And they were gorgeous! The fountain was going to, which was also a surprise. Although I can see why, given our 80 degree weekend. Summer is just around the corner!!

The kids were in pretty good moods and we got quite a few great shots! Even though Little lady is in a phase where she doesn't mind her brother as long as he isn't touching her. That left little hope for a sibling shot.

After we took pictures, I spent the afternoon at our church helping put together rose bouquets that our mom's group sold for Mother's day to benefit a local place that helps single moms in the area. And we went to Saturday evening service as well, where I won the "Mom of the youngest child" contest! Every year they do a competition for the "Mother of the youngest" and "Mother of the oldest child" at each service. Little dude happened to be the youngest little dude there on Saturday night! I won a beautiful bouquet of roses and book!

Sunday morning my mother's day wish came true and I was able to sew for the whole morning!! I actually completed a little summer dress for Little lady! {All except for the shoulder straps which I still have to attach before she can wear it.}


I used the tutorial over at Make it and Love it blog! It was really simple and so very cute! I'm excited to make a few other adorable little outfits for her from a pattern book I found.

We also spent Sunday afternoon with hubby's mom and his aunt and we always have a great time visiting with them! To finish off our day, we went to the park and watched in amazement how much Little lady has grown since last year this time.

And Little dude had his first experience in the swing! He really liked it, much more than his big sister did at his age.

A little work out with daddy was in order as well!

What was the best part about your weekend?

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