Friday, May 20

Rainy days.

I guess when it rains day after day, they start running together. I am completely aware that I didn't get the little's updates posted last week. We've been enjoying just hanging out and playing together at home. Without even realizing it, I kind of unplugged us, the kids and I, from our media outlets. Less shows, Facebook, blogging, etc and just been together.

It's so refreshing!

I'm more naturally a get-out-and-go girl, but God is preparing me for a new phase of life. As we make the needed changes to become a one car family and continue to work on simplifying our life of busyness and media input, I'm so excited for the future of this little family.

Every time I think of ways to simplify our lives and focus more on being a family and what we can do to live and glorify the Lord! Because regardless if  the world ends tomorrow or not {only God knows, it's His call} our time on earth and in this life is short. I want to make it count!

So there may or may not be regular updates on the littles milestones, at least as the blog world is concerned. In the mean time, if you don't see or hear from us here, just know we are unplugged and hopefully on a family adventure, even if it's in our own living room!

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Dad said...

I look so forward to reading your blog.  I check it almost every day.  So sad that it may be coming to an end.  :{  I do know that it takes a lot of time to do and I know that you are busy.  Thank you for sharing your lives with us.  Love you so much Katie.  Love you all.  Dad


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