Tuesday, May 31

Flowers and pictures.

We spent our Memorial day holiday at the Botanical Gardens. I'd never been there before but it was gorgeous! I kept telling hubby over and over again that my grandma {who passed away in 2006 of cancer} would have loved it there. She was passionate about flowers. She always had a beautiful garden and lawn and I loved visiting her in the summers and helping her water them as she told me about each one. I decided to throughly enjoy it on her behalf!

I knew what several of the flowers where called because of her educating me as a child. Hubby was impressed! My absolute favorite flower is -who am I kidding, I have several favorites- but I really, really, really love peonies! {And we didn't get any pictures of them because my camera battery died soon after we got there.} I think I convinced hubby to let me plant one or two in our yard. He thought they were pretty neat before they bloom, they are these tight, small little balls. And when they bloom they are these big, fluffy and soft looking flowers! Ah, I just love them.

The actual reason we went to the Botanical Gardens yesterday was to have family photos taken! Hubby surprised me on Mother's day with a paid session with MckMama for yesterday. I had been telling him how I wished we would be able to schedule something with her while she was here {for those of you who might not know who she is, she is a mama blogger who lives up north and her family is on a summer long road trip in a camper headed out west! She is also a photographer by profession and takes amazing pictures.} We actually had a photo shoot with her last winter when she came out for a Focus on the Family marriage conference.

Here the kids are dressed for the pictures.  I made Little lady's dress. :)

The funny thing is when she came out last February Little lady was 7 months old and now Little dude is 7 months old, having our photos taken by her again! She recognized us and recalled us from the first time once we told her about it. It was fun to chat with her again. She is so good with kids {shoot, she has 5 of her own!} and we can not wait to see how the pictures turned out!!


Gma Bonnie said...

what a nearly perfect family you and Brandon have  Katie....truly beautiful. And YOu are truly amazing . Love the fact that you love to sow. I used to make alot of Pam and Angie's clothes.

Gma Bonnie said...

perfect family and beautiful !!!!!! Katie you are amazing !!! I uesd to sew alot for Pam and Angie .


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