Monday, May 2

First haircut!

Little lady had her first trip to the 'beauty parlor' today!
The 'Before.'

I've been really hesitant about getting her haircut for a while now. I wanted to let her grow it out until she was ready to cut it. That's what my mama did for me. But the poor girl had hair growing past her eyes and on it's way to her nose! Since she won't really keep a clip or anything in and keep it out of her face, I decided it was time.

We picked out a place {there were a couple of choices} and loaded the kids and the camera into the car and headed to Jack and Jill's Salon. At least from the 15 minutes it took to cut trim her hair, we liked it!

They had several fun and cute little cars for the kids to choose from and sit in. Little lady chose the pink one! And she sat so still and seemed to like it, but mostly seemed oblivious to what was even happening.
The 'After.'
After she trimmed up her bangs and evened out the back just a little bit, the lady that cut her hair put a little ribbon and just a quick spray of glitter in Little lady's hair. She looked so adorable! And she loved her lollipop for being a good little client.

We got the deal for a first haircut where they put a clipping and a picture with a "First Hair Cut" certificate.

She may be just under 3 months from turning TWO, but she still seems like she should be my little baby! She is growing up so fast and now she has a hair cut to match!!

As you can see, the hair bow didn't stay a bow and actually fell all the way out very shortly after this!
After lunch today we also took the littles to a really fun place Hubby and I discovered on Saturday, Jumpstreet! They have rows of trampolines to jump on and a little section for the kiddos {7 and younger only} to jump and play too! Little lady has always been a 'bouncer' and can quite often be found bouncing through the house. Literally, the girl LOVES to jump. And that is why we knew this place was made for her.
Taking a break from bouncing {and looking so big}!


Kym Nies said...

She is sweetness personified! :) You're right, she looks so grown up.... :( Love you all--see you in 10 days!

Colleen Rodriguez said...

So cute! She looks like such a big girl now! Her hair has grown so long. I cannot believe they are going to be 2 this year!

Katie Bernshausen said...

Yes she is, mama! We can't wait to see you :)

Katie Bernshausen said...

I can't believe it either! It seems like it was just last year that E was 3 months and we were bringing you guys food and meeting freshly newborn Nathan!!


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