Monday, October 3

Branson Flea Market

I almost forgot about my exciting flea market find while we were in Branson, MO last weekend!

They had several flea markets that I could have spent a whole day in, maybe even two. I had to apply some self discipline and just keep walking past, only gawking from the window {your welcome, hubby!} But the one we did go in I enjoyed browsing and could have easily picked up junk treasures I was sure I needed.

But I was willing to give it all up when I found this baby doll high chair for Little Lady!!!

I was thrilled because we had already discussed getting her an American Bitty Baby Doll for Christmas. But I knew I'd have to find accessories for the doll else where, because lets just say they are highly over priced at the American Doll store. 

But upon further investigation we figured out it's a Melissa & Doug high chair! They retail at about $70.00! Of course this one needs a little work and I plan on painting it all white {I think} and I'm still undecided on any detail to decorate it or just leave it plain. 

So, I bet you are wondering how much I found this steal of a deal for???


Can't wait to give this to Little Lady at Christmas!

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