Tuesday, August 9

ChooChoo and Giraffes

We originally planned to take the kids to a park sorta close by that has a $1-to-ride train through the park and a $1 petting zoo yesterday! But when I looked up how to get there I saw that they are closed on Mondays. Bummer!

So plan B, the Zoo!

Getting an annual pass was a good choice for us as we've paid it off at least 3 times over and we have only had it since March. I really like our zoo and will probably love it even more once the new addition they are building is built! They'll be getting a couple new species of animals.

We had already told Little Lady about the choo choo before we learned that the park was closed, but great news is the zoo has a train for the kids too! And with our membership it was the same cost as the other train. Once I told her we were going to the zoo to ride the train she said, "Choo choo AND giraffes!!" I really love that kid. I wish I could bottle up her enthusiasm and drink it for breakfast every morning!

It was a hot day! But one of the things I love about a pass is that we can stay as long or as short as we want and don't have to worry about getting our money's worth.

This little girl loves Choo Choo's right now! She was one happy little lady.

And despite the some what troubled look on Little dude's face, he didn't mind the ride either. Not sure he really cared one way or another! He just wants to 'stand' all.the.time. Forget crawling...

And as if the Choo choo wasn't enough, this little girl got to go on her very first carousel ride! She LOVED it! She even rode on her own animal with out daddy standing next to her.

These littles are growing up so fast, right before our eyes! But don't think we aren't enjoying every almost every minute of it!

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