Saturday, August 20

Funny Little Lady.

I did a post a while back about some of the cute and funny things that Little lady was saying at the time and I've been meaning to do it again. Especially because the list of things she says is growing all the time and I'm afraid I will forget them all. :(  I really wish I could record her saying them all so I can remember her at this age forever, she is such a sweetheart and she is such a hoot! Plus everything little kids say is so much cuter in their little kid voice!

Me: Ouch! {Whenever I hurt myself or little dude bites me...}
Little Lady: You get a ouchie, mama?
Me: Yeah, mommy has an ouchie.
Little Lady: Aw, Po fing.

Me: LL, would you like to go play at the park?
LL: Yeah, I sink so.

LL: How you doing, mommy?
Me: I'm doing good, baby, how are you doing?
LL: I'm doing great!

"How 'bout dat?"

"Mommy, hold you." {When she wants me to pick her up}

LL: Oh, tank you, mommy!! {just out of the blue.}
Me: What are you thanking me for?
LL: New ca! {New car, she thanks me for it at least 5 times a day! I love her thankful heart :) }

Any time she hears me calling hubby "Honey" she will start calling him "Honey"! It's so adorable. :)

She loves to sing and will usually start singing her own songs every time we are in the car, even if I have the radio on. She loves singing "Jesus Loves Me" and a song my mom started singing to her and now she loves it. I don't know what it's called, we call it Goggle's song {Goggle is what we call my brother} because it was his favorite when he was little. It's just the scripture Isaiah 40:31 put to a song! It's soooo sweet to hear her sing it. I know it's sweet, pure music to the ears of our Savior!

And I have a little video of Little Lady singing Jesus Loves Me this morning!

Little Lady sings Jesus Loves Me from Katie B on Vimeo.


Colleen said...

That is adorable! Nathan loves to sing that song too. He has a bunny that sings it and loves to carry the bunny around and sing the song. It is too precious!

Nana said...

Precious, precious moments...precious, precious little one! Yes, Little Lady, Jesus DOES love you! And so do I (more than words can say)!


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