Thursday, March 21

God's Word is a Treasure: Day 4

We ended up having a sort if snow day to round out our first week of school. We still did a few of the activities but we enjoyed the beautiful snow fall too.

First Evie cut out 5 'gold coins' that said 'God's Word is a Treasure', one word one arch coin. Then I hid them around the tv room while Nana sang our week's songs. After music Evie went on a treasure hunt and found the coins. She would have a 'treasure hunt' every day if she could. Loves it!

Next she glued the coins in order on a brown piece of paper we decorated to look like a treasure box.

Then I set up a bean sensory tub with jewels and x's made from two Popsicle sticks glued together. The kids played in there while I made play dough. After making up two batches the kids used the play dough tool kit they got for Christmas and played their hearts out with play dough!!

And that was our first week of school!!

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