Saturday, May 5

My sewing "studio"

OK.... So maybe it's not as exciting as a studio space would be. But it's what I have and it's where the magic of abundant Sonshine happens! 

I even tidied  it up... just for you! 
{Gasp, you mean you don't keep it clean all the time?! Creativity is rarely tidy people ; )}

But I wanted to invite you over to see where I get to do my fun-free-time-stuff!!

I found the cute little jars with my labels in them at Goodwill! 

Why so many scissors? You may be wondering.... no? Well I'll tell you any way ; )
*1 pair are pinking shears {keeps fabric from unraveling and work great for a quick finishing}
* 1 pair are fabric ONLY cutting scissors {a must for being able to cut fabric well}
* 1 rotary cutter {my best friend for cutting straight lines in fabric}
* 1 everything-else pair of scissors {I use them to cut out patterns, strings, etc}

This wreath just makes my space happy and adds a touch of color!
{You can get a hit to make your own here!}

A little basket that is home to all my cards and a few patterns.

And... probably my absolute favorite part of the business...


I love fabric. 
I love picking it out. 
I love trying to figure out the perfect project for that fabric.
I love the colors!
I love the patterns.

And I was so excited to learn a great way to keep my fabric organized and easily accessible! I stumbled upon THIS on Pinterest!

It has made a huge difference as now I can see exactly what I have on hand and even quickly take pictures of fabric prints for inquiring customers! : )

And there you have it, my sewing studio and possibly one of my favorite places in the house!


Momma Bird said...

Hello! Found your blog from Kelly's Korner link up. Love the new space and all the colors. Nice to find another Colorado mom blogger. 

Sarena Talarico said...

LOVE YOUR SPACE!!! So bright and colorful! How fun :)


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