Sunday, December 12

Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly!

We didn't exactly deck any halls today, and there wasn't any holly to be found here.

BUT we did finally get our Christmas tree decorated!!! Too bad it was nearly 60 degrees and felt nothing like just two weeks til Christmas. We usually sip on some Mountain Cider we always get at a local nursery we usually get our tree from every year.

But this year is just different:

- We didn't get a real tree {gasp!} like we said we'd always do. Instead we grab steal of a deal on a fake one and decided that we are going to probably do a real one every other year or every couple years. We'll see...

- We didn't drink cider while we decorated the tree like we usually do. Instead we rolled up our long sleeves and enjoyed the fresh air from the windows being open! Lovely, but not Christmas-y.

- We have little fingers eager to explore the tree's newly hanging decorations. But we only pretty much have glass ornaments. Ones we bought after we were married. Starting last year we decided to get a family ornament and an ornament for each child, then when they move out they have a start on their own tree. So as the years go by we'll have a bigger variety, and hopefully less breakable tree.

We are finally decorated for the season!

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