Sunday, December 5

The weekend

We've had a busy weekend, but it's been fun. I love when we get to do things all together as a family.

This weekend was a drill weekend so hubby had to work {this was my last drill on maternity leave!}. But the December drill is always one to look forward to since the Sunday of each one is the family Christmas party! Everyone brings their spouses and kids if they have them and we get to catch up and visit and eat a lot of food. :)

Saturday evening we went to a wedding for some friends of ours. It was really fun to see some friends who live out of town but came in to town for the wedding! We only stayed for the ceremony since it was in the evening and Little Lady goes into meltdown mode when she's tired and/or hungry these days. Not a pleasant experience, but especially not a 'gift' we wanted to give to the bride and groom!

I'm lame and didn't get any pictures at either event. :( I'm still trying to figure out how to juggle two littles and just haven't figured out how to add the camera into the mix yet. I'm working on it :)

Tomorrow is Monkey Monday and a day of rest for this little family! Hope you all had as good of a weekend as we did!!

{Since I didn't have pictures of our weekend here are a few from the last week or so from my phone.}

**And yes, it has snowed one day and then been 60 degrees the next day. Very strange December we are having...**

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