Wednesday, December 8


Every year the busy holiday time of year comes biding promises of busyness, rushing and exhaustion.

And every year I vow to wage the war against it.

So far this year I feel like I'm losing.

After 2 failed attempts at holiday projects and a million several hurdles to overcome on a few others and not to mention the to-do list that seems longer than Santa's naughty or nice list... lets just say I'm struggling to find my Christmas cheer!

It seems that discovering the divine mint mocha from Caribou Coffee*, catching a few Christmas songs on the radio and a bare Christmas tree {only lights hang from it's branches} in my living room is about the few Christmas joys I've experienced this season so far...

*Did you know that they actually melt shavings of your choice of white, milk or dark chocolate right into the steamed milk?! And there is melted shaving of Andes mints in the mint mocha!! YUM

I had high hopes of making an adorable little Advent calendar or our family to use each year. A little family tradition that would entail a scripture reading focused on Jesus {He is the reason we celebrate Christmas in the first place!} and then an activity for us to do together to enjoy the season and days counting down to the Lord's first coming!

Well it was almost finished and looking so cute... I just needed to put the numbers on the pockets to mark the days. I started putting them on using good old black puff paint and took a break to make Little Lady some lunch. I didn't account for my little sweetheart being able to reach the drying Advent calendar freshly painted... and while my back was turned she got a hold of it. I turned back around to a black fingered Little Lady and a ruined calendar. We are still doing the scripture readings and activities that go along with it, but we won't be having an actual calendar up to count down with this year. I'm hoping to 'fix' it and have it for next year though!

Even though I'm feeling buried right now, I know that I can choose to find Christmas cheer and enjoy the season in spite of busyness that seems to be consuming us right now. So that is just what I'll do! God is so good and He is faithful to provide so much for my family. He is why we get to have this wonderful Holiday in the first place and I am making the choice, right now, to enjoy Him and what He came to do for me. I'm praying and waiting hopeful for His second coming!!

I'm off to put on a Christmas movie and sip some hot cocoa!

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