Thursday, December 30

Sharks and snow.

Christmas day has come and gone, but not without a visit from the stomach flu bug. Little Lady got it first the day before Christmas eve and then it hit me on Christmas day night. It was a real bummer as it kept me home with the kids on two occasions and I had to miss out on Christmas eve service and seeing my husband swim with sharks!

I was very disappointed on both occasions and trust that God knew ahead of time and had our best in mind. Sometimes we just have to stop or slowdown and when we refuse to do it on our own sickness is quick to strike. As much as I hate being sick and having sick kids I know it's impossible to avoid given this fallen world of sin and sickness we live in.

I'm happy to report we are all feeling much better now! Hope our house guests or my hubby and Little Dude don't catch it.

I wanted to share some pictures from our day up in the mountains. We wanted to see snow while my dad was here so we drove up to have lunch first and then on to see snow!

Little mountain town we at lunch at, Idaho Springs. We ate at local favorite place, Beaux Jo's Pizza. People who live in the city make the drive up here just to taste these delicious 'Mountain Pies.' And they didn't disappoint!

We saw the snow and could hardly stand to get our hands on it! And what a treat to have it actually snow-ING too!

First we had to go through the Eisenhower tunnel...

And bundle up...

It was a gorgeous & enjoyable snow trip!

And the snow flakes were pretty amazing themselves!

It was a good day. :)

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