Monday, December 20

Little Lady {17 months}

This post is a couple days late. Why?

Because... We have been busy with Opa & Oma visiting! They are here for Christmas. We've been filling our time with lots of fun stuff!

Like eating all the candy off of building a gingerbread house...

And staying up late, baking and eating cookie's, shopping, and going to see Christmas lights, to name a few!

Besides all that, you have become more independent in the last month, being able to do more things by yourself. You climb up on everything you can and you are getting braver at coming down by yourself to. You always amaze me with what you are able to do!

Words are coming easier to you and communication is improving everyday. Along with that comes those dreaded tantrums though. And you are definitely testing the limits we have set for you. I've decided that it's ok for you to test them, how else will you know where the line is drawn? In all reality it seems that the real challenge is in daddy and I being consistent in enforcing the rules we have set so you can grow in discipline and obedience.

The thing is, God is teaching me the same as I go along. How well do I obey and take the discipline He puts before me? It's challenging. But it's good and I am grateful to keep growing in the things that are pleasing to God. That way I can better teach my children because I have experienced them first hand.

I'm so excited for your 18 month appointment next month to see the physical growth you've had! In the mean time daddy and I continue to pray for your spiritual growth and take each day one at a time.

We love you sweet and precious daughter. Happy 17 months!

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