Thursday, July 18

Our 4 Year Old Princess

Evalyn turned four this year. FOUR!! It doesn't seem real with the memory of her arrival in the hospital so vivid and it just doesn't seem possible to have been four years already...

But she is our sweet four year old princess and she is the cutest, most precious princess in all the land.

This is the outfit she picked out for her party.

She wanted a princess party with her friends. Daddy made her a castle for all the princesses to play in. We all agree he is the best daddy in all the kingdom!

We are also very thankful to have a brave knight who will protect his princess sister and fight fire breathing dragons.

One of Evalyn's princess friends has a cousin who took a cake making class and she made a beautiful cake, special for our princess!

There was a lot of pink in our house on the day our princess turned four.

And all the while it was the princess' mommy and daddy who got the greatest gift.... four years ago.

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