Wednesday, October 1

Long time no blog

Where have we been! Actually, where have we NOT been! Things have gotten pretty busy lately and I haven't had much time to keep on the happenings...

Mostly we have been helping out with the High School youth group at church and that has been a blast just hanging out and getting to know the kids. We all know that HS was a difficult/weird/stressful/crazy/sad/exciting... you get the point! I remember it was a time of inconsistancies and LOTS of shall we say drama... because everything somehow seems to matter SO much and most of us don't realize until we get out of HS and look back that those things we worried about really weren't that big of a deal. But it's so encouraging to be able to come along side these kids and just let them know that someone cares about what they are going through and just be with them.

Brandon and I are so blessed to work with an amazing group of kids who are excepting to new people and just want to have fun! We are going on a weekend retreat with them in a week and a half...

Besides that we have been busy going with friends to the mtns, going to Bronco's games, b-day get togethers, drill weekends, fantasy football {we have a team in a league with some people at work: Killer Bzzz!}, and just hanging out and enjoying each other!

It has been an amazing first 4 months of our marriage and it's true that when you really invest in each other and getting to really know your spouse, you really do fall more and more in love with them! I am just left speechless sometimes when I realize how amazing the man I married truly is! I couldn't have been happier with anyone else.

So on a couple weekends we have gone once to Garden of the Gods {we renamed it God's Garden, since there is only one true God} and once up Estes Park, the Rocky Mtn National Park and B has had some great opportunities to play with and learn our new Dig SLR camera! I decided I just don't have the patience to take lots of pictures so carefully and accurately, but I sure do love looking at them!

We really want to get a few blown up and framed to put up in our home! Have a look:

Aren't the colors this time of year just incredible?!

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