Tuesday, October 21

Ain' Nothin' like...

Just listening to a mix on my iPod and Brad Paisley come on with his song 'Ain't Nothin' Like' and its so catchy and puts a smile on my face : ). So I thought there just ain't nothin like having an 'Ain't nothing like...' list:

Ain't Nothin Like...

... Going on a weekend getaway with the love of your life.
... going to Washington D.C.
... seeing the momorials and monuments at night, all lit up.
... God's glory and riches in a time of National uncertainty.
... peanut butter and stawberry jelly.
... watching Sunday/Monday night football, knowing you are going to win your fantasy football game.
... dreaming about the future.
... seeing the leaves change beautiful colors.
... snow on the mountain caps.
... jamming to a favorite song, that just expresses how you are feeling right then.
... feeling the chilly breeze that means fall and craving some chili soup.
... having lunch with a good friend.
... doing something spur of the moment and completely unplanned.
... making something handmade or baked for someone and then giving it to them.
... holiday baking and decorating.
... finishing a really good book in less than 3 days.
... walking hand in hand with someone who needs you.
... memories and remembering someone who meant so much to you that you just miss them.
... the first snowfall.
... babies, little hands, little feet.
... knowing that God's hand was in something because of how it worked out, it could only have been a 'God thing'.
... security for the future, knowing that God is in control of everything.
... homemade apple pie and ice cream (and peach pie too, B :P )
... carmel apples and kettle corn.

This is a list I started, but can you think of any 'Ain't nothin' like...' statements to add :) ?!

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