Wednesday, November 5

Meet Baby Cakes!

By now many of you have heard our great and exciting news. And if you thought we have been busy so far… it’s about to get busier!!
Two days ago, in the morning and in the afternoon I took two different home pregnancy tests just to be sure. I haven’t felt any of the early pregnancy symptoms, I’m just 5 days late. It was just two months ago I was still taking bc and Brandon and I decided to together that we wanted to just let things take their course so we agreed to not ‘try’ but we weren’t preventing either.
The first month after, we tested but it was negative. This time it was good news!
We have both admitted to each other that we are a bit nervous and a little scared. WE HAVE NEVER been parents before!! So while it’s extremely exciting it’s also very nerve racking.
We sat down and talked about some things last night and Brandon made a good point that while this new baby in a new world will have to learn everything, so will we as parents and we’ll be learning together! I know that Brandon is worried about being a good dad and he has a difficult time picturing it right now (as do I being a mom!) but I can see so clearly that he will be an amazing daddy! He loves little kids and can have real converstations with them because he relates to them at their level and they look up to him (and not just literally…) Every time I’ve seen him with little ones not only is it evident that they are drawn to his playful nature, but he lights up and seemingly instantly lights up as he goes to play!!
Even though we are both nervous we are so excited and welcome the ups and downs ahead of parenthood! We are both truely confident that this life is from God and He wouldn’t have granted us the privilage of having it as our own with out purpose and I know we are both grateful and humbled by the miracle and blessing we will experience and love. Much like our Father in Heaven loves us, His children!!

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