Monday, November 24

Note To Self:

Traveling in the first trimester is not a good idea!
Especially if you JUST started throwing up everything the day before…
This happened to me yesterday {if you couldn’t tell}. We were leaving for CA to visit family and our flight left home @ 6:15, this ment we had to be up about 3:30 AM!! So I did the normal routine of sitting up slowly and eating a few crackers and sipped a little water. I also switched to taking my prenatal vitamins at night in hopes of keeping them down! I felt a little nausea but ok for the most part.
I got up and got ready and decided that since I didn’t know what the airport would be like and when I might get to snack again, I tried to sip a little orange juice for some substance and a little sugar. I proceeded to finish getting us ready to head out the door…
It hit me just as we were leaving… and I lost everything! But I felt much better. So we took off to the airport and got checked in, meanwhile my tummy is growling at me, loud! We take the little concourse train to our terminal and I make a bee line for the nearest bathroom. Apperantly I didn’t get it all at home… so I got it all there at the airport bathroom.
Still feeling shaky, we got to our gate and sat down. The McDonalds was open so Brandon went and got me some Sprite to sip on and hopefully help sooth my stomach. It was, except everyone around me we eating breakfast food and the smells where WAY too much for me…
Once we got on the airplane, I looked to see where the nearest bathroom was, luckely we were very near by! I just concentrated on breathing and staying calm and sipping my Sprite. Half way through the flight I headed to the bathroom to see if I could throw up again, since I always feel so much better afterwards! Of course I couldn’t but standing up felt good and the bathroom actally smelled like a really fresh clean which for some reason helped me  feel better too. So I wasn’t able to get myself to throw up so I went back to my seat.
Brandon had ordered a drink and it was gone, but the ice looked appealing so I started sucking on it and that helped a bit. We landed and we had a lay over of over an hour for our next and final flight in. We had to walk to a whole other terminal and and one point passed a couple of resturants. The smells didn’t do anything, because I had my nose plugged, but I made the mistake of looking at the Krispy Kreme sign and completely lost it… I looked for the closest trash can and used it. Luckily there was a pillar  on my right side and Brandon blocked my left side. But I DID feel better after wards!!
Eventually I was able to eat a cracker and continued one every 5 min or so, very slowly. And Brandon had gotten me a water that had electrolytes in it, so that helped. We finally made it in to San Diego and it wasn’t til we got off again that I started feeling just a little nausea. I belive it’s cause my body was so week since I hardly had any calories in me.
My dad and his wife, Cheri, took us to Seaport villages in San Diego and we walked around a little bit. I was able to sip on a fruit smoothy and get a little substance in me.
I also briefly talked to Cheri’s cousin, who is an OB, and she suggested a few things that have already helped me so far this morning! For one she said to stop taking the prenatal vitamins as they may be the cause of my throwing up. She said right now in the pregnancy I really only need Folic Acid which aids the baby’s brain and heart developing. And to start taking the prenatal again when the nasea subsides. Also, she suggested taking Unisom, just half a tablet and that will help with the nausea {so far it has} and then if that doesn’t work she wrote me a perscription for something that should help also. All of these things are proven to be safe for the baby and many women use them through their pregnancy.
She also said it may be that I live on cold slushies and smoothies for a while as those seem to help sooth the  stomach a bit.
Like I said, so far this morning I have been feeling much better, so she must know what she is talking about!
Another exciting thing is she said we could come in on Wed and she would do an ultrasound for my Dad {Cheri has to work} so he can see little Baby Cakes!! How sweet is that!
I am just excited that I will be able to eat Turkey day dinner! Atleast some of it :)

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