Saturday, November 29

I’m Excited –

…about this book!
This adorable pattern book has all the patterns you need to make the full crib set, a diaper bag, bibs, changing table top and a TON of other cute baby stuff!! When I first saw this book I just knew I would have to make our little one’s bedroom set accessories!! It will mean so much more and I KNOW i’ll have a blast doing it. The next fun step is picking out the material!!
Not only will this book be inspiration for Baby Cakes room, but also for adorable little gifts! Which I plan on having time to do when Baby Cakes is born and I am able to stay home. I’ll have more time to make things and I’m just dying to get there!!
In other news, we got home from a wonderful relaxing vacation in Cali and I must say that the trip home was so much easier than the trip out! I think I got a routine figured out that allows me to be functional and not just have to put up with the sickness.  Which makes me very happy. Considering we will be leaving again on Monday for a two week trip to Lousiana for our work.
Our next Dr appt will be when we get back. Dec 15th will be just over 8 weeks along and the Dr wanted to see us again that soon because she wants to keep us on the ’4wk’ cycle. Normally you aren’t seen at all until the 8th or 9th week, unless you’ve had complications, but we weren’t quite as far along as we originally thought.
As I get projects done for Baby Cakes room, I’ll post!!

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