Wednesday, November 5


This time from the blood test at the Doc’s office! I got the call this afternoon and it is affermative. Looks like our due date will be on or about July 9th 2009. We will know better when we have our first check up on the 21st.
So far so good… haven’t had any early syptoms yet {knock on wood} and the only thing that seems to be different and I don’t know if it’s related but I am ALWAYS hungry!! I have changed my eating habits quite a bit though. Yes, it’s true I was an addictive junk food eater before and since we have found out I immediately cut out all the junk food {ok not all, I had half a kit-kat yesterday… but you can’t expect me to quite cold turkey?!} but my new baby cakes diet is very strict and super healthy and so far it’s working great! It seems like I am eating so much more but really I’m just eating good stuff! Or good for me stuf

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