Sunday, November 9


Diapers. Thats how many we will use in a year, at least according to the Babys ‘R’ Us associate who helped us set up a registery yesterday. {Do the math, that’s 8 diapers a day?!?! Sound right mommys??}
We had a blast doing our registery yesterday! We went down mostly because we were curious about all the things we were going to need for a baby and who can turn down ‘shopping’ with out spending money!! Brandon did the ‘Dad’ thing and looked at strollers and car seats for safety features and durability while I did the cute thing and picked out a few cute apparel type things and other ‘cute stuff’ like bedding decorating stuff.
We didn’t go too crazy cause we know it’s pretty earlier, but it was fun and we enjoyed every minute of it.
Still no syptoms besides being a bottomless pit. I suppose in a couple weeks I will most likely be wishing I was back at this stage… with out the nausea! We’ll see….

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