Thursday, November 13

Week 6 And Counting!

Just thought I would share an update on how ‘we’ are feeling since we are about 1/2 way through our first trimester!!
I’ve been taking a prenatal vitamin that I bought over the counter. It’s a honkin thing! I’m just taking that for now since I won’t see the Dr. for another week. At my appointment I plan on asking what I should be taking or if I need to be on a prescription vitamin. If the dr. doesn’t have a specific recommendation I might look into some supplements that a friend I work with sells. I’m just so leary about vitamins, I mean I know I should be taking them and I am for now, I just always wonder how much they are used and how much I actually pee out.
Speaking of peeing…
As far as symptoms go, waking up to go pee at least once in the night has been pretty routine now and was present even before we even tested. That was one of the reasons I thought I might be. It’s pretty annoying too! I have a hard time getting comfy as it is and when I wake up… have to get out of bed {and it’s usually cold!}… go pee… and then come back to bed a get re-comfy only to have the alarm go off seconds later {at least it feels that way!!}. Not really, it’s usually a couple hours before I have to get up for work but once my sleep cycle is interrupted it’s hard to feel like I had a good nights sleep. I guess this is just prep for when Baby Cakes gets here!!
The other symptoms I’ve had is light nausea, but no vomiting yet {whew!}. Still feel like a bottomless pit!! I think Brandon is worried I’m going to gain about 200 lbs before this baby comes, he always gives me funny looks when I say I’m hungry after I ate at least an hour ago. He finally realized that I really am hungry when not 20min after we ate dinner he could here my tummy growl… from across the kitchen! His eyes got so big :) The other symptom I’ve had and didn’t realize it was one common in first trimester is dizziness. I’ll be sitting at my desk at work and all of a sudden feel like the room is spinning! At first I thought something was wrong, but I was reading my book this morning and it listed it as an early symptom. I’m just glad it’s normal cause I was getting worried!
So it’s been about 2 weeks since we’ve known we are pregnant and I still have the 2 pregnancy tests I took sitting my by bed side. I think I like them there because when I see them I can remind myself… YES! You really have pregnant!! It’s probably gross to hang on to them, but they have caps on them!!
Brandon is so helpful though. He loves to read with me about what’s going on with my body and trys to help and encourage me in anyway. Luckiley there hasn’t been too much icky stuff for him to have to deal with … yet! Another thing I think is so cute is that he is always asking questions to the guys that he works with {his shop is pretty close and they are a bunch of really good guys} who have been through pregnancies from the guys point of view. And then he tells me what they tell him and it’s so funny to hear their take on it all!!

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